Royal_Empire - Level 26 - English - Hero Lvl Req : 55



Rank : 487


Current alliance status :

Level : 26

Gold Bonus : 31%

Tax Bonus : 12%


We’re looking out for members who are passionate for alliance wars to win elite boosts or war boosts by the end of the war.


Why? Elite/War boosts would improve your offence/defence experience and best of all, it doesn’t cost anything except to be the top 3 in the war!


Requirements :

  • Above 1800 trophies
  • Hero at least level 50
  • Donor of at least 20k




We shall activate barricade boost during war if necessary.


We also offer opportunity to members to be promoted by fulfiling certain criterias such as being a very active participant in wars, donating daily and providing opinions and strategies for the war.


We also provide advice and tips on improving your base as well as raids. Just don’t hesitate to ask if you got anything curious or doubts.


As it is understandable that there are real life tasks that you got to attend to, you can just inform us if you are going inactive for a while.


Are you on the same path as us? Do you think you got what it takes?


If so, just join us and let the fun begin!


Those who are interested may PM me or reply in this thread, thank you for the read!

We just started activating knights 24/7.


We have enough funds to raise our alliance to level 20 as soon as we fill up the alliance!


There’s 3 more slots for members to join, come on!


We have knight boost permanently activated!


We are still looking for members :slight_smile:

Looking for 3 members! After that, we are going to level up and have 2 more additional slots!


Come join us!


We also accept alliance mergers :grinning:


1 more day and 12 hours left to the war, looking for 2-4 more members!

We have 1-2 slots vacant!


Come join us for war!

We have one vacancy slot free! Come join us and have fun for the war!

We have room for 2 members, come join us!

We are looking for 3 more members! If you are very dedicated for war like us, you are more than welcome to join us! Come on!

There’s 4 slots available, war is coming, fight with us!

We are looking for 5 members or an alliance to merge with to form a stronger alliance, do PM me if interested!



We are looking for one member only, we need you for war!

Looking for 2 loyal members after the war, I am looking for active war members!

I am 1050 trophies , 4 star and donate 20k daily - and very active in wartime - I just quit my last alliance because only 4 out of 12 members were fighting in war and many of them still only donated 5k sigh

Trophy level is low but Im very active.  =)


We are open once more, looking for two loyal and active members. PM me or reply here if interested!

Looking for 2 active members! PM me or reply here!