Royal Empire looking for alliance merger



We have a level 26 alliance, currently with enough gold to upgrade 2 more times. (We save for war time boosts) but willing to use the gold to expand to gain more members.

We have 14 really active players. Currently we have 2 full time boosts, knights and barricades and about to start a 3rd. 

If you are interested please contact King Kommon or Hashel90 in game.

hey i need a team to merge!! Contact me Titanka10

The Crimson Avengers is lv30 rank 946 and will absorb you and all of your members. Message The leader Lord Danious II -  he has already tried to friend king kommon. We require min lv 60, and all players do at least 3 battles per war per day. We have 20ish actives and recently cut a bunch off non participants to make room for a merger. Don’t worry about not being a leader or leaving your guild. You can always move back if you hate us and the increase in power and free levels is always worth it…