Royal Festival satisfaction

So, here we are…

Our 2nd monthly festival is here and I’d like to know how everyone feels about the Royal Festival.

I know there was already a thread with feedback about it… but it would be cool to know specifically what strives someone to fight in the festival (if you do).

Give us your opinion! :slight_smile:

PS: I also created this because well… Skins are not my cup of tea, the chests contents are weak and the tokens are “meh” to me. So I guess you already know which option I’ll vote on :wink:

Festival itself is a good idea, many like it, but is also hated by many.

One thing, the skins are way too expensive, considering that they don’t make your account stronger. 

Second, if you aren’t lucky, you won’t even be able to purchase the most expensive item in the festival, cause you don’t get enough of the currency, without spending gems. Pretty sure many won’t get 5950 to buy the mummy skin.

First day, 2 chests, 550 per chest, way too low

When I check the prices of those skins plus consider the amount of currency we get inside those chest, I suggest that currency rewards inside chests should guarantee a minimum amount, which is higher than the poor averages we see now. I don’t know possible minimum, but it’s somewhere between 350 - 450. 

I for example had 1056 currency after opening two chests. How on earth we can get a skin without even buying extra currency. Another member of my team had close to 1500 after those 2 chests, which is the minimum required to get most expensive reward. 

Please stop this random madness and give descent rewards. It’s not done that some are fortunate and find 2+ uber rewards in those chests, while an unfortunate one gets just one legendary reward and for the rest absurd low rewards (40+). A festival should be not only be rewarding in terms of medals and gold, at least we should be able to get highest reward, if we don’t skip a single day. 

To get the most expensive skin (5950) , we should find an average of 744 currency inside those chests. So I would suggest to stop random generating those rewards, where only a fraction of the players will be able to get highest reward, just give 750 currency per chest or even better, reward 50 currency for each scored crown.

I prefer the old festivals where we can buy gears and pals, Ive been waiting for some gears for a long time, the old festival had one or two gears that I was happy to buy most festivals. Because most times uber chests don’t give the items you want instead give you what you already have or don’t want may be at the time. Farm, Gold, XP and upgrade tokens don’t interest me, but the medal token looks good. I like the mummy skin it looks rich compared to the other skins so far, but wont buy it as I rarely use mummy in offense & defense. The tower and spike skins look good too, not much of a skin collector as of now, but will buy wolf & monk skin when available.


Skin Rating & Review

Knight - (5/10) Looks just okay

Archer - (4/10) Very normal (I prefer @Darkerion design)

Ogre - (2/10) Looks muddy all details lost

Mummy - (9/10) Very rich looking

Arrow Tower - (8/10) Sharp just like an arrow head.

Spikes - (9/10) Looks threatening during battle, this is how spikes should be.


When they announced festival every month was very excited, after two festivals not so much because of the above reasons. Result - Not Satisfied ? Adding gears that is based on one spell every festival would be great I think.

please someone explain the logic behind giving 1 hour of exp token usage vs 3 days of medals boost?

Just like it’s been said many times and @Irski and @Dena4 pointed out…

It’s extremely unfair that the festival currency found on the chests is completely random.

As soon as I saw the prices of the skins, I knew I couldn’t buy 5k skins, by just winning 500 currencies per day…

That forces people to buy them with gems most of the time. That should definetly be change to at least raise the average currency per day.


About the tokens, @LukasV24 nailed the question perfectly:

Why does the XP token last for only 1 hour? That’s way too low!

When I saw the first teaser for the Royal Festival, the thing which hyped me the most was this specific token…

But having it last only 1 hour, feels lackluster as I have to “kill” my fingers to farm as much as possible in such a short time.

I think this token should be improved to at least 3hours, or even 6hours.

Let’s not forget that this XP Token is  NOT  a “duplicate your XP boost”, but just an add of 100% XP boost to the current Hero XP boost, so it’s really weak for just an hour.


Besides this…

I just wanted to mention that the chests should be slightly changed too.

These chests are not free, so a Royal Guardian chest should never, but ever contain only pearls… and 6, 15 amounts? please!

I haven’t tried the pal chest, but given that it’s probably just the usual doggy food… It should at least have an increased pal chance


I think that improving some of the tokens a bit, the chest contents and even introducing a few old items (even if uber!)…

Could probably increase the players interest :slight_smile:

I love the festivals, love the skins and tokens. But they are lacking something. It would be cool to play for a few new items and/or have more time to gain rewards. Right now, we only have time to buy a couple tokens OR  maybe one skin

Like many here I am not interested by skin. I don’t care about skin. I prefer default one anyway. tokens and all. No thanks. I miss the day where Festival giving impressive gears. I liked participating in Festival for gold but specially to obtain Skulls Perk or XP Perk or else. Now festival don’t interest me anymore. I do some fight for the gold but I don’t care not collect chests. Festival have lose all their flavor that make them special. Now its just a Festival like a Voucher Bazaard where you can buy some stuffs. No thanks. If Festival can come back like previous one will be better

Hi there, thanks for the thread and the feedback to you and others. :slight_smile:

I get what you say, but please remember that the XP Token itself is very powerful. That is the main reason + if you stack it, you are powerful for even longer.

This gives players a strong advantage in leveling.

No problem. I was really curious about the general opinion of everyone.

Humm, that’s interesting… So you’re telling me you can activate 2 XP Tokens at once? I didn’t know that  :o

What does it happen? It increases XP by 200% for 2 hours? Or for 200% but just for 1 hour?

I thought you could activate multiple tokens at once, but of different types.

I see!

Thanks a lot, that’s some useful info right there :grinning:

1) Medal token

3d for the medal token seems wildly disproportional with the other tokens.

A couple of hours, or even 3 hours, fine… but 3d is just too much. Or change it from 100% medal boost to only 10% and keep the 3d duration, that would be in line too.

As it stands right now (100% for 3d) it might lead to a point where you can only compete in the Diamond League if you use tokens. Not great.

2) Items + Pals

New items and pals were the best thing about the Festivals. It was a great way to get a pal you might need or a very useful item.

The lack of both in the 2 monthly festivals is dissappointing.

3) Skins

Skins are cool, but they don’t improve your account, that’s why they should not be the main prize of the festivals. The main prize should be something that can actually make you stronger.

4) Chests

It’s a great idea to have chests on sale. However, pal and guardian chests should have at least 1 pal/guardian guaranteed in every chest.

Even if a pal is not guaranteed, the pal chest at 2% chance of finding a pal is waaaaay too low.

5) Amount of Tokens for sale

I get it, festivals are a business. You want the money players to spend thousands of gems to hoard every single token for sale. I get it.

But having so many for sale inevitably creates a huge advantage in favour of richer players.

These players should be able to get more stuff than regular free players, but how much is too much? It’s a fine balance.

In my opinion chests rewards and store prices are the biggest issue of the new Festivals
it feels like chest don’t give enough currency / prices are too high

If you’re gonna put so many items available to buy, they can’t be that expensive

There are 4 skins available on the current Festival,
Am I gonna be able to choose at least one for free?
Or I’m gonna have to just buy the one I got enough currency for, instead of the one I wanted like last Festival with Knight and Ogre skins

And also,
is it just for me that Festival raids are giving way less gold than they used to?

Besides the question about tokens.  I think the level that’s required is to high. It’s simply to hard to get through to the gate. Make it a little easier and it will be a lot more fun to play.

Remember there is 2 factor during Festival

1.Base are from player in the game. So depending your trophy range its possible you can have hard base

2.If really its too much hard. Drop of trophy to adjust difficulty for easy raid.

Drop 100-200-300 trophies. You’ll notice that the Festival bases become much easier.


However, to be honest I feel like these 2 monthly Festivals have been pretty easy compared to older Festivals.

(I’m usually at 5300-5400 trophies)

Yep, all you need to do is drop trophies and the bases become easier

I have noticed this as well. While the bases still are a bit of challenge, especially with Phoebe, it does seems like flare is giving us bases from slightly easier players than usual


4 chests = 2500 of the currency. Won’t even be enough to get the spikes

Pretty sure many players that have the same kind of luck will look forward to the next festivals?

You might as well remove the festival fights and only sell chests in the festival…

No way chests should contain less than 1k currency. It should be guaranteed that you can purchase at least the most expensive thing in the festival, if you get all chests

It is very frustrating for the players to play from day one to the last day, collect all chests, just to see that they still can’t buy what they want unless they pay for it