Royal Guardian - Donkey rebalance


Dear players,

We will decrease Donkey’s damage, morale boost, battle cry and speed. Donkey is potentially too strong. We will adjust this in the near future. Once, we are ready to share more details/date we will do so in this thread.

We wanted to give you a heads-up before.

Royal regards,







Lol, I was literally about to post that exact same thing


Noooooooooooo ?


finally. and Fritz is not too strong, huh?


Guardians are OP, everyone can see that. Reduce their power. It’s fine.


My only request is that you don’t go overboard with it. Do it in small steps and reassess along the way.

If you want to reduce all those parameters, try reducing like 10% at first and then evaluate again. If you feel it was good enough, great. If not, go for another small step and evaluate again.

Please, do not repeat the same mistake you did with Ceres et al. back in August. Those kinds of huge balance changes (where the pendulum swings very hard the opposite way) have a very negative impact on the game and on the community.


Right  time to stop  with the game !!! 

Decrease every-things, all you want. 

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There we go again. Please do same like phoebe, cancel the rebalancing. It’s just not done. Advisor with her 3 scrolls isn’t too strong?

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now you are thinking to rebalance Donkey…I guess that the next guardian to be rebalanced will be trusty and I bet you ll rebalance Advisor just after that…


Fritz? Overpowered? ? it’s only overpowered when the big guys aren’t using it…


A meta by definition means the ‘most efffective tools available’. It can only become meta when something is, statistically, used by most to win.


Hence, It ALWAYS takes a lot of guts by developers to nerf a meta because it is a nerf on something used by, statistically, the most players in the game to win.


I applaud for this change if it goes through, and I hope Flare doesn’t back down just because of players not wanting the meta to change due to them being part of the meta.


Historically speaking, nerfing meta has always brought good things to the table even though players who were part of the meta made a lot of noise.


Remember Toxic Cloud and Ceres? Players are still using them effectively to win, but the statistic has been brought down significantly. Ultimately, instead of most players using Toxic cloud and Ceres, we ended up having a relatively healthier diversity of combos.


To further this point:


Just because something is meta doesn’t mean it has to be nerfed. For example, if there are 3 items, A, B, and C – out of all the successful raids, 34% uses A, while 33% uses B and another 33% uses C, then by definition, A is the meta. However, in this example, A is not overpowered because despite being a meta by definition, the percentages are close to each other.


Likewise, if out of all the successful raids, 90% of successful raids are donkey users, then obviously the meta is totally out of balance and needs a huge nerf. It is only by nerfing the donkey that the depth to the game can be restored. If the nerf brings down the percentage to a much lower amount but is still the highest among the guardian, it is fine.


The above is obviously just an example. Only Flare knows the statistics. Precisely because of that, I hope Flare relies on the information and go through with the nerf if the information shows the need to do so.


as long as the nerf doesn’t simply render certain combos impractical, it’s fine. OTOH, donkey is overpowered in certain combos but not all combos. maybe such a nerf is not the best decision and maybe a rethink of its capabilities will be doing more good.


Donkey is overpowered sets of 10 max jester survives destroys 3 spikes spins around the base returns to tent and is still active.

Spikes have 100% ress to normal donkey destroys theM??

Time for a nerf mainly speed and duration battle cry can stay. Also i think HP of all guardians should be lowered.

Same thing is for archers they one two shot all beasts. (which the alliances collect in years).


While i agree with what you said about Toxic Cloud, the Ceres part couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Remember: Flare killed Ceres with that huge nerf. It was brought back to live thanks to an unintended morale buff (16 morale at lvl124) AND a huge Pal Flute buff. Both of these things (or at least certainly the Pal Flute gigantic buff) had a huge impact. 

The reduction of the pal’s special cooldown (to match the visual) also had a positive (but smaller) role in this. 


The huge ceres nerf in august was a mistake on Flare’s part, there is absolutely no doubt about it. They ended up redeming themselves due to an accident (unexpected buff) + a subsequent indirect massive buff (Pal Flute). 


This is exactly what i don’t want to happen again. And all Flare needs to do is doing balancing changes in  small steps. 


I stand to be corrected, but I don’t remember a huge buff on Pal Flute. The only thing they did was to remove the transformation animation. That wasn’t really a ‘buff’ but an animation fix that matches the stats that were displayed. If the beast was supposed to last for, say, 7 seconds, then it isn’t really 7 seconds when it takes 2 seconds to turn into a beast. In any event, EVEN if you consider it a legitimate buff, it is a global thing to all pals. It wasn’t a Ceres thing.


The 1 morale extra at lvl 124, on the other hand, isn’t really that important imo. That was an accidental buff as admitted by Flare, but never really got reverted. If, Flare decides to revert it, as a Ceres user, I can confidently say I will be absolutely unaffected by it. If anything, that will actually improve my raid since it focuses the copies on ogre and paladins in pal form, instead of one single copy of a wolf.


The point is, Ceres was mostly used for POW combo. Ceres wasn’t the only thing that was nerfed. As we all know, Ceres, Paladin, Ogre AND wolf got nerfed. Yes, all 4 of them got nerfed in the same meta combo. Yet, it is still one of the best combos in the game now. This means that the original nerf was justified, and not a mistake corrected by some redemption buff to Ceres (Again, Pal Flute animation fix was global, and not a buff to Ceres specifically). As a Ceres user, I was happy for the nerf even back then because it was indeed overpowered.


Having said that, I would agree IF Flare could do small balance changes regularly, but it doesn’t seem like it is something that Flare is capable of doing, schedule wise. It’s better for them to make one huge significant change than, say, make one insignificant one only to have to wait for another 3-4 months for that one more small step toward the right direction.



Same procedure as …

angry again ?


Ok i guess, but can i get my resources for upgrade it back to lv1 after the rebalance ? I dont really want it to be a one sided trade where i get the worse version of what i have already traded .


You are severely down playing the huge Pal Flute buff in v4.4. Severely. It went from being a pretty good spell to an OP one. 

That buff was what brought Ceres back to life. “Nobody” would be playing Ceres now if it wasn’t for that. 

This topic is not about Ceres so I don’t want to get too offtopic, but it really had to be pointed out that the August nerf was a really bad one (a nerf was needed, but not to such degree). Yes, you can say everything ended up working out in the long run due to an accidental buff AND a massive spell buff (that works pretty well with Ceres).

That’s what happened and it should not happen again. I hope Flare learns from their mistakes.


finally it was fun again.  and now the donkey is to be circumcised ??  I understand the players who stop playing!  first ceres now the donkey: - ((the donkey is used by many like this one is fed with food and not with pearls 2. the cooldown is not so extreme 3. the speed is so great if you have to go back quickly  Making a weaker is impractical in this way, but as a meta user you are the dumb one and have to pay for it?


Do not do it, Donkey is really cool guardian,  dnt ruin it like you always ruin things for us.