Royal Guardians coming soon!

More info to follow soon! :slight_smile:

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Soon. #serveandprotect

Guess! #royalguardians #serveandprotect #soon



#royalguardians #serveandprotect

?Kings and Queens,

This lovely bunch of Royal Guardians will protect and serve your King/Queen in battles. :crossed_swords:

Look forward to fighting alongside your Friend ‘til the End “Donkey”, Dragon “Goruc” aka the Insatiable Pyro, our Hero’s Sub-Zero Sidekick Sled “Trusty” and feline Demolition Expurrrt “Sultan”, a blood-relative of the Granny Beast.

We will publish more information, including gameplay trailers and guides, in the upcoming week(s) so stay tuned!

Hmm feels like we forgot something….






The release date is….drum roll…the 10th of December!!! ?