Royal Guardians coming soon!

[mirroring official announcement]

More info to follow! :slight_smile:

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What do you think? Let us know below :slight_smile:

is this related to Conquest?

  1. Donkey = conquest

  2. Nemesis and Kaiser beast 

  3. Inside the dungeon


OH I am confused and can’t wait to know more ?

daily dungeons quests to collect some new currency that will be converted into gems …?


looks like just a Donkey pal that’s new in there. But, I must say, I am really excited to find out more about this topic

Is it like the Gatekeepers in OR?

Wait for me… I’m about to arrive in game!

Wait what?

I am willing to play a Gamers Guess on Royal Guardians, once upon a time in Azeroth, players had to hoof it on foot to do every quest; naturally players complained, thus ‘mounts’ were born. Ergo I believe RR2 is adding mounts to the game for “Conquest” making it possible for Alliances to explore more of the map, and respond faster to battle scenes. another application would be should you almost be out of time attacking a players castle your mount could get you to their gate on time.

Royal Guardians Donkey Mount.jpg

@Madlen m massively excited , can u tell the estimated time for the release of this content" 

I was thinking they would be introducing some sort of auto collect feature in the game (chests, bread, gold, pearls, finished upgrades) and possibly a building queue along with it. 

It would also work on Conquest as well (tech tree, King moves).

I was thinking the same … But didn’t mention it."

if they are mounts, and you can collect a pink Unicorn mount, I am going to name her Madlen ?

Mounts! Could be it!

aybe daily quests … we will see … something new is nice ?

@SinisterEggplant, great job pointing out that the king mounted the horse. I really like that theory behind it. It could also be a new pal that the king mounts during the special ability, which would be like a charge! I’m picturing it like a jouster on a horse. Would be helpful for killing a beast

Not confirming anything or so, I am just always looking for a reason to post this gif.

I missed your Audio-Comments in the latest videos. ?

by collecting something in the dungeon (carrots?), you can make you donkey move faster in conquest.

just a guess.

Any mini-game inside RR2? It would be interesting to see a new way where they are tested by the ability of each one (similar to pro league) and not necessarily by what he has.
or maybe a new friend who gives xp?

lol, Agnes from Despicable Me, love it! 

the comment about Jousting; oh how I miss my daily reputation quests with the Argent Tournament in Icecrown.

because not trying to toot my own horn, but I really was an Awesomest Jousterest!

and kudos AwesomestKnightest for getting your artwork featured on Royal Revolts Facebookest. ?