Royal Guardians

10 Facts about Royal Guardians

  1. Each Guardian comes with an individual gameplay effect, activated as soon as the Guardian is called in battle, and a unique special ability, players can trigger by tapping the Guardian button a second time

  2. Equip your Guardian over the “Royal Guardians” menu, which can be reached over the Throne Room and also the Battle Loadout

  3. Your King won’t take any damage for the time he’s protected by a Guardian

  4. The Guardian mode ends when the Guardian’s HP is fully depleted or the Guardian timer has run out

  5. Some Guardians can be called more often than others in battle

  6. Guardians can be found in Guardian Chests, which in turn can be obtained from the corresponding Guardian Chest Shop or won in a Conquest Event

  7. A free Guardian Chest can be collected every day in the Guardian Chest Shop (3x a day, when you’re connected to Facebook)

  8. Upgrade Guardians with Pearls or Pal Treats (depending on the Guardian) and a certain contingent of Guardians of the same type

  9. There are Guardians which are harder to find than others. Pay attention to their rarity color.

  10. The Royal Guardians will be made available once you have reached Hero Level 20.

Basic Gameplay Tutorial:

Royal Guardian Upgrade Information (as of 24th of July 19)

Your brave and ever loyal Donkey will boost your Morale and rise to peak form when a tasty snack is being dangled right in front of it.  



Kings and Queens,

The King’s ol’ reliable sled, Trusty, will never let him down - and it sends icicles through his enemies’ bodies.  Find out more about him in the video and guide below. :snowflake:


It’s time to make Demolition Expurrrt Sultan the star of our video highlight today! ?

Boasting an earth-shaking stomp and a deliciously explosive set of bombs, Sultan excels in reducing Towers and Obstacles to dust.

Let’s have a look at Goruc, shall we?

Not only will Goruc incinerate its foes with a giant Fireball, it will devour everybody who even dares to get close to it. #alwayshungry

Being the cheeky little rascal that it is, Gaspar has a few surprising aces up its sleeve. Especially against Beasts. :slight_smile:









Yig,Yog, & Yug





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