Royal office decoration

Being 1.5 months into the new job and office, I am so happy that I finally had time to buy a plant for our office. I know the pot size is a bit too small, but I improvised :wink:

The King will protect it with his life :wink:

Do you like having plants in the office or your home? Would you like to see some snapshots from our office in general? :slight_smile:

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My home is at ground floor and it’s surrounded by garden. Unfortunately there are a lot of insects especially during summers.

A garden sounds lovely though!


We do not have plants here now, but we used to have a vegetable garden in our backyard that I liked a lot.


Surely, I would love that.

I have this little guy on duty:


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That sounds indeed lovely! I would love that as well, but somehow I don’t really have a green fingers :wink: Just like my dreams of growing vegetables :wink:


I suggest reduce in game microtransaction in the future and start selling RR merch as a official income source ?? that king look so cute 

Tons of plants all over the house, ironic, seeing as we have a family of all boys. You’d expect footballs (american footballs, I mean) and basketballs all over the house  

What I have guarding the contents of my desk is a headless and footless former bobble-head of a unpopular baseball player :wink:  



Would like to see flare office photos.  Why not. 

Hey Madlen, where did u get the king toy? I dont thnk its available in india, or is it?

Hi MightyAnurag1,

it’s not available for sale. We 3D printed it for our office :slight_smile:

The lead prgrammer is left-handed, isn`t he/she? ?

Any chance we can have something (trivia, event,…) that rewards the winner with his/her king/queen 3D printed? ?

Yes, please!


Okay- I took some pictures :slight_smile:


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Entrance hall…We have this big gong that we are using when we have some exciting news to share or people are late for a company meeting haha :wink:

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I love this picture :slight_smile:

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Nintendo is love :heart:

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Another cool artwork


I love this idea! I need to see if it is feasible though :slight_smile:

Don’t wanna be the Debbie D., but what exactly has this topic to do with “D__iscuss other Royal Revolt 2 related things, that don’t fit in any of the other subcategories.”? The natural habitat for topics like this should be “Off Topic”, even the CoC #14 thinks like that.