Royal Revolt (1) vs RR2 / 3.0 vs 4.0

Hello folks, I got to thinking about something… I never played the original Royal Revolt.  I started playing RR2 a little over a year ago.  Since I’ve joined, very little has changed- most of the big changes already happened before then.  My question is how different was RR1 as compared tp RR2?  With the upcoming 4.0 version coming out soon, it seems to be quite a change of the game, depending if flare adds or takes stuff away.   If in fact v4.0 is going to be so different, why not just call ot RR3 and get on with it.  I know we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg, but if there are supposedly a ton of updates and upgrades, wouldn’t it make more sense to just come out with an RR3 instead?  I’m trying not to get caught up on the changes, but it would seem to completely change what the game of RR2 is.

Any thoughts on this?


a long time we have suggest to left RR2 die and create RR3.

RR1 is different you control a king and must do level 1 to 200 I don’t remember how much level this game has but RR1 was a solo game. Gain gold to upgrade just few times Weapon,Armor,etc… or spend the gold to improve level of spells. Level are fun you must hurry and desactivate traps before your troops walk on it

for someone who don’t like Multiplayer game and play with others online. RR1 still the best in solo game. Of course with no bugs

RR2 in the past was more a skilled game. Where only the best was on top. today is more the one who have more money to spend be in top because you can buy all stuffs via one time offer or obtain subscription to have some advantage

if you want a comparaison RR2 Past vs RR2 future lets see what change

RR2 Past let’s say between version 1.7.0 and 1.9.0

  • War Season was unlimited but a exploit make Android players abuse of video food to do more battles and gain 5K skulls or more

  • No pals,No Uber,No forge,No Ninja Event,No Pro Leagues. So the game was more boring. Just raids,War Season and Dungeon

  • If you wanted good legendary items. No choice farm and raids. All equipment was close via COF. Where Granny was more useful

  • No cheaters and no hacker

  • No multi account. Where everyone had one account ( Because no Uber)

  • Full healthy between 750k Players and 1 Million

  • No XP Gear. So level up to level 110 needed 2 years at 10k or 20k per fight maybe less

 and maybe other stuffs

  • RR2 was more skilled. Only the best obtained best result in War Season. Only the best was in top

RR2 in future between 1.9.5 to 3.9.0

  • War season like we have today. Where Skulls perk have crap all the skilled part

  • Forge has been added in 1.9.5 the game was more fun. Create items legendary to Uber by forging

  • Skilled part has gone at 2.5.0 when Uber was introduce in the game with perk at the moment of Ninja Event. One of the big mistake ever in RR2 history. So now players have just to farm Uber and bingo. You can have a powerful King and destroy all base same if you suck

  • XP gear allow now to level up at level 100 in less than 2 month

  • RR2 have lost his own identity at 3.0 with pokemon style. Just a little more and we have Pikachu in the game. They have got the idea from Non Stop Knight. Never like this add

  • Never be a fan too about add a Clown theme in the game with the Jester Box and I have stop playing at this moment because the game going no where. A little more and Flare added a Clown unit or a throw Pie spell. Let’s say too much kid gameplay and no more adult

  • Dead State with 80% inactives, maybe 20% actives. A total of 10 or 20k maximum of players

and maybe more…

RR2 with 4.0 its no more RR2 for me. Its a combinaison of Age of Empire mixed with March Empire mixed with others War Games. Is no more a Tower Defense like we have know in 2014 with Pokemon,Circus theme and more horrible add. Now is a War Games who have no sense anymore

to be honest RR2 should have stay at 3.9.2 and the version 4.0 should be RR3 will make more sense without pals. Just War Game

So RR1 is a solo game RR2 a multiplayer game with pals with 3.9.2 and RR3 should be a Multiplayer War Games without the pals with 4.0

If 4.0 resets everything, I’ll be the first one to quit. Reason is simple, if I have to start all over again, I won’t choose a game that is developed by Flaregames after how passive they have behaved for the past one year. The ONLY reason I am still playing is because I’ve progressed too far. Reset everything and that will take the only reason I have for staying in this game.


You are right. We wasted to much time on rr2. Can’t redo the same on rr3

in this case just hope when the developer have said you will restart from scrach your building. Hope he don’t meanings all building from beginning or I feel everyone will quit

there’s no way you yourself have spent more time on RR2 than me, and I haven’t even done that much. Last I checked we were about the same in every category

To answer Thunderbolt’s question with a shorter answer, no offense WN you made a great explanation, RR1 was completely different from RR2, basically it all dungeons, except there was no wait time between the rounds, you could fight as much as you wanted (I think). Also the graphics were a ton worse in Royal Revolt. In my opinion, RR2 is much better, and I’m glad the dungeons are in it, cause it makes it feel like they mixed the two games into one

I missed the part where he said he wasted more time than you… Everyone have thier own definition of “too much time”. No need to make it a useless contest.

Well, I was basing it on the fact that he’s at the same trophy level as me and at the same king level, maybe slightly higher. Yes, it took me a year to get where I was, but I didn’t bust my butt at all to get there

I’ve lost my account two times, maybe I’m just saying this cause I’m used to not playing :lol: 

U waste most of your time on forums

eh, I wouldn’t, but someone’s gotta keep it alive :wink: . It’s the summer for me. And in Florida, summer is horrible lol, believe me

I’m in Michigan where we’ve already had 16 days over 90 this year- more than the average.  I have family in Orlando and every time I’ve visited, the humidity was unbearable. (darn asthma…)


yeah, it’s horrible. And, of course, when it ain’t sunny and “unbearable”, as you so perfectly put it, it’s raining lol

oh yeah, the monsoons! LOL


Thanks for the response, Warriornator!  Sounds like RR1 was a decent game.  I’m not concerned with graphics.  I grew up with Atari and Intellivision.  The worst graphics on a pc game is still better than  THOSE graphics! ?. 

Don’t give flare any ideas with the Pikachu, it’s gonna be our next Pal! ??

I don’t consider the jester box a “clown theme”.  Jesters were common in castles and kingdoms, so it’s a natural fit.  More so than “basilisk” tower or aliens or yetis ?.  Although a little fun now and then is not bad.  The “throw pie” spell comment cracked me up! ?

I’m not against changes in the game, I just hope they don’t “jump the shark” (it’s an American term) with the game and make it something the RR2 we all know and love/hate is not.