Royal Revolt 2: Birthday Extravaganza!


Our birthday is coming up soon! On the 27th of February , our lovely game turns 5 years old!

We could have not done this without YOU - our awesome Revolters that are supporting our game since the beginning!

Today, I want to show what exciting things we have upcoming!

Here’s to our birthday festivities:





We are currently working on a new version. This version will not be out in time for our 5th birthday though (sad face), but is expected to come out in the second quarter of 2019 because we want to make sure it is super awesome (super happy face)! It will concentrate on some long-time community requests and we dedicate the version to you – OUR fans. This version will be version 5.0 (get it ;)) haha :slight_smile:

Our first Royal Festival will actually be a “Birthday Festival”. It will start on the 23rd of February at 12:00 UTC. Make sure to check out the new troop skins and tokens!

We will host a Skin Contest! More details will be shared soon in an extra thread on the forum and on Facebook soon!

If you play the game on the 27th after 09:00 UTC maybe there will be a special gift for you!  (above hero level 20)

Don’t forget to collect your special daily birthday chest on the 27th!

We will add a new-colored Pro-Set to the game on our birthday!


And more….

Thanks for playing our game!