Royal Revolt 2 Chess Set- Idea

I was just playing on The Crew on the PS4 and I look over at my path and Kingdom and a thought just popped into my head that may work for merchandise; Flare could make a Royal Revolt 2 Chess set to sell.

Tower side:

-Arrow towers could be Pawns for their cheap abundance and weak health.

-The Firebolt towers could be Bishops due to their range and positions.

-Bomb towers could Knights.

-Gargoyle towers could be Rooks for the four horizontal faces.

-Skull towers could be the Queen for their range and being able to shoot in any direction.

-Snake towers could be the King for only being able to attack in one direction and for the little frill crown it has.

The Royal Revolt King side:

-Knights would be Pawns for their cheap abundance and weakness as well.

-Paladins could be the Knights for their slowness and because they can be difficult to take out or a slowing threat.

-The Cannons could be the Bishops for their long range; Archers or Arblasters could be Bishops as well based on preference.

-Mortars could be your Rooks for their slow movement and they generally move and shoot in a straight line.

-And of course the King would be your King and the Queen would be the blonde girl that talks to you when you enter your Kingdom.

I realize it wouldn’t become a product easily but it’s an idea. I’ve been looking for a nice chess set of maybe the Navy or some video game; I’ve already got a Star Wars chess set so.

Leave your thoughts and comments on what you think would work better or what you think about it.

Its stupid!!! Its not but this wont happen ever, and I dont like chess, and I love the crew, but I dont have a ps4 though

im just curious… playing the crew… then looking over at RR, where did your brain think chess?? lol


Don’t know, I was looking at my path and noticed some of the towers look like chess pieces and thought of the different pieces.

I didn’t like chess when I was younger; but mainly because no-one ever taught me. I’m 16 and love the thrill of besting your opponent with a good check-mate. Truly a game of wit and strategy.

Good idea. The beauty of chess is it’s all about skill and strategy, No idiot can just win. Knowing flare though they would find away to incorporate scrolls and ruin that game also.


I would have the opposites like. Whites would have froster as (bishop) black would have pyromancer  as (bishop)


knights as pawns(whites) paladin (black) They are both cannon fodder. Speaking of cannons you could just have to different coloured cannons as pawns


I wouldn’t use the towers except for the rook for obvious reasons, not sure which one probably the archer tower it’s most fitting for the time period.


As far as checkmate goes, most good players  resign because they can see it 5+ moves away.

Your set would just be for display. Anyone that really plays finds it extremely frustrating when the same value pieces are completely different design for the opposing players.

For the tower side, everything looks like a standard rook. Not enough design differentiation. Would be very confusing.

For the RR side you have some good ideas. Maybe the werewolf for the knight because the werewolf can jump over obstacles.

You might be on to something if you took your RR side and doubled it. Make one side wear red and the other side blue.

im lovin’ this idea,


if Pokemon pinball can make money, why not RR2 chess?!

I like the idea of RR2 merch, including such a chess set… just imagine the advertisement for the chess set: “Truly a game of kings!” :wink:

I agree, I would prefer every piece to be a unit. But one side could be dungeon units, the other not? Or different halves of the units? Lets see:


King: King

Queen: Queen

Pawn:    Knight   / Paladin        / Gargoyle

Bishop: Archer   / Arblaster      / Mummy

Horse:   Froster  / Pyromancer / Werewolf

Rook:    Cannon / Mortar          / Ogre


Maybe the set would come with all three sides, you just pick one and your opponent picks another.



P.S.: I really hope Flaregames makes this, cause I would buy it!

Interesting thoughts, I was trying to incorporate the Frosters and Pyromancers but it was too many pieces. I feel like Knights are more cannon fodder than Paladins because like the Knight chess pieces Paladins will slow you down and cause you to think twice before attacking gung ho into the line of fire.

Perhaps Frosters and Pyromancers could be incorporated as a whole other side of pieces called Monsters or Sorcery:

-Gargoyles would be Pawns for the fact that yes they are powerful but they die within seconds.

-Pyromancers/Frosters or both be Bishops for their range of attack.

-Ogre would be King for the fact it is slow moving and rather large.

-Mummy would be Queen for the fact the Mummy can spawn anywhere on offense.

-Werewolf would be Rook for its fast solid movement.

-Pyromancer/Frosters or both could be Knights as a filler.

I feel the general differences of the characters give way to what side is which and to differentiate piece types Flare could put the symbol on the bottom of the piece of the piece. That’s how my Star Wars pieces are labled, it’s on a pedestal with the symbol.

See again like my Star Wars Chess set works to make it easier to tell the pieces apart is each piece is on a pedestal with the proper piece symbol displayed on the base of the pedestal to take away that frustration. Most of the towers do seem similar but again the symbol would be on the bottom and plus any Royal Revolt 2 player would know which piece is which my power and weaknesses of the respective piece and character. The two different colored sides idea could work as a back-up.

See as I wrote the other suggestion for the pieces I see this one too. I would buy this chess set too, it’d practically sell itself.

@Master Diaz, 


I think that the dungeon people should be all by themselves, and every side gets a normal king & queen of their own. I can understand your “sorcery” side, but still I would rather see all the dungeon people on one side. You know, “normal side” vs “normal side” = PvP, and “normal side” vs “dungeon side” = PvE / PvM … sort of  :huh:


I would guess that if the units were divided like I said, the knight/archer/froster/cannon side would be blue and the paladin/arblaster/pyromancer/mortar side would be red, but what color would the dungeon side be? The same colors as they are now, or would you color-code them? Because I have a hard time picturing color-coded dungeon monsters… 

When there already red and blue, I’d suggest green for monsters. Though, of course, color-coding monsters is difficult…


As there are only 4 types of monsters, is that sufficient for a side of their own? Sure, theoretically yes, but I can’t really see mummy as a bishop lol.

They’ll probably nevr mak 1

Maybe purple as that is the color of units in dungeon levels in RR1?


As long as you get 2 of every monster (except the gargoyle), Faregames doesn’t need to decide what unit is what; it can be an open option to the buyer/player as to what monster is what chess piece. Like, I had a chess set with some extra pieces. I lost a rook, but it had 2 kings. So the rook is now the king, and the kings are the rooks  :open_mouth:

That’s why it’s an idea to just talk about in the general topics. When there is enough demand for something though it can become a reality; nothing is impossible.

chess is certainly a fun game but I don’t think 1000 forum members squawking about it is actually enough interest for flare to make the commitment. it would be incredibly costly for a video game company to mass produce something like this. and if it wasn’t massed and only made a couple sets then good luck getting your hands on one and they would be incredibly expensive

It’s a neat idea to banter about though. It’d be a product I would buy.

always good banter :stuck_out_tongue: