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We have awesome content creators in our Royal Revolt 2 community! :slight_smile:
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1. Flaregames TV : Official YouTube channel of Flaregames, the publisher of Royal Revolt ( status - active ) (English)

The below text is written from fans and community members. We do not take responsibility for the text/links and descriptions nor do they necessarily represent the views of Flaregames.

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Fans :

  • FTB : Gameplay, Tutorials, Previews, Walkthrough videos for Royal Revolt 2. Widely known as Flothaboss. Having more than 17K subs he is The biggest youtuber of RR2. ( status - inactive ) (English)

  • Pellez : A veteran youtuber who like playing Royal Revolt 2. Owner and contributor of Royal Revolt 2 Wiki(discontinued) a nice youtube channel. ( status - active ) (English)

  • RR2 GURUJI : (ANIK P) He mainly focuses on NEMESIS pal and PHOEBE beast. ( status - active ) (English)

  • ROYAL REVOLT 2 TURK KARDEŞLER : A channel dedicated to RR2 by alliance member of ‘TURK KARDEŞLER’ . They make Pro league videos. ( status - active ) (Turkish, English)

  • RzG_FireFrost : A player of Royal Revolt 2 of the Vanguard Legion! He makes mainly videos on Pro leagues. Winner of monthly Pro league. He livestreams his PL on his channel. ( status - active ) (French, English)

  • Diguinhooo : His name is Rodrigo, more on the channel you guys know him by Diguinhooo. He broadcast his gameplay on YT. ( status - active ) (Portuguese)

  • Hữu Đức Bùi : Mainly focuses on Pro-Leagues. ( status - active ) (Vietnamese, English)

  • Chocoindustries® : video about Dungeons, Ninja, Yeti, Zoombie, usual gameplay ( status - active ) (Spanish)

  • 1st1 : Has a huge 272K+ subs ( status - inactive ) (Russian)

  • Famon Iza: A big addict of ‘Royal Revolt 2’ game a die hard Flothaboss Fan ( status - active ) (English)

  • AwesomestKnightest : I don’t think he needs any intro :stuck_out_tongue: ( status - active ) (English)

  • GameZero : No information could be found on this creature. Just kidding ( status - active ) (Portuguese)

  • JASON WIVART : List of RR2 youtubers and he will be out of it! No way. ( status - inactive ) (English)

  • Oleg : A veteran player. Once passionate and still passionate for RR2 ( status - active ) (English)

  • ARREBIMBA : He got tons of raiding videos. Enjoy his raiding skills. ( status - active ) (English)

  • FabulousKumarous : / King Aditya Kumar (English) / Budding YouTuber. He kinda remind me of Flothaboss with this videos. ( status - active )

  • Darkerion : A return veteran player. He likes winning and breaking records in Diamond League. Bug hunter.( status - active ) (English)

  • Serkan çinarli : Phoebe beastslayer who makes videos of dungeons too. ( status - inactive ) (Turkish, English)

  • rr2 ceprica : Mainly focuses on top bases. ( status - active ) (English)

  • Vigneshwaran Sourirajalu : A big addict of skins. ( status - active ) (English)

  • KAPLAN MT : Founder of Aslan777. She has an endless list of videos about conquest events. ( status - active ) (Japanese)

  • Sn1kt : Here there are vintage videos focused on elite/top raids. ( status - inactive ) (English)

  • Albert K Tenkorang : Fun guaranteed with pal chests and guardian chests. ( status - active ) (English)

  • Angel Anheru : She records videos with different setups. (status - active ) (Portuguese)

  • igmetalrock | Bei uns wird ABWECHSLUNG gross geschrieben: A veteran player who records videos about raids, war seasons, tests of teammates bases and news of Royal Revolt 2 (like updates). ( status - active ) (German)

  • IMMORTAL MADNESS[LR]: More times winner of monthly Pro League. He mainly focuses on top raids and rewards of Pro League. ( status - active ) (English)

  • Reza Ghalavand : He tests different setups on top bases. ( status - active ) (English)

  • IRAN AZRAEL : Most of his videos are about tests of teammates and top raids. ( status - active ) (English)

  • Miaad The FatalMan, He’s a legend ,he started the game in Oct3 2014 “Old is Gold” . ( status - active ) (English, Persian)

  • Oleg Tikhonov : His main interest is his alliance at the 1st place. ( status - active ) (Russian)

  • r3voo Mobile : A player who is dedicated in Pro League and dungeons. ( status - active ) (English)

  • J C W M : A top player who likes to test strong/hard opponent bases and setups. He likes to hunt bugs. (English)

Milkaer a medium player who shows defenses and chills. (language english)active


Wasn’t his status supposed to be… Inactive? :thinking:

I have an idea to reorganize the list in the following way (read below).

YouTube channel | IGN | forum profile | details of YouTube channel and strength of player (also free player or not) | status | languages and/or countries

Guys, you can change it, I have just copy pasted it from the original post for time reasons :wink: Use the magic edit button and get creative :smiley: It’s a wiki post. You can change it :slight_smile:

However, I would suggest to keep the original order or to make it like so:
YouTuber/language/link/description(if wanted) (I would not put a status in it, because it can change. If people like the channels they can just subscribe :slight_smile: ).

Ok, thanks for fixing it and bringing this topic alive once again :+1:

For unknown reasons, [ANIK] is renamed into “Royal Revolt 2 : Top Tips & Tricks”.

Hi dear, thank you
there is my first achivement in the game at Oct3, 2014.
And the only reason I play this game after so many years is just friends.
Wishing you health and success for all of you dear friends.
i love you all :kissing_heart::heart:
Kind regards :rose:


Glad to be on the list


Hello milkaer nice seeing you

You too queen merlin

so uh whens ur next vid

I don’t know exactly, but I know it’s soon. I’ll start making videos every week or something like that.

Good im waiting

ohh i8 seee ok i see