Royal Revolt 2 - Festival Tutorial ( Celestial Phoebe killing)



The video literally runs on 5 frames per second plz do something about it. 

I appreciate your effort to showcase how to kill phoebe without boosted troops. But whole raids would have been better because it will showcase how to manage maintain the morale bar with high morale troops. 






These tactical festivals earn 2 trophies. Without reinforcement, you earn 2 cups without spending any jewelry. I’m using 2 attack spells when Phoebe isn’t. Depends on the game.

I share my game videos. I’m seeing my lack of mistakes from criticism. I don’t always have the chance to see my mistakes myself.

sorry… BUT

How can this lagging video help?

Look at it this way, we get a frame by frame shot of someone killing Phoebe :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:  

If you are on PC. You can use 4 program to record for 1080p at 60 FPS without any drop

1.If you have a AMD GPU. AMD adrenaline with Relive. My previous video was a old version. Maybe I should take 2 minutes and do a another one with the last version

2.I don’t have a NVIDIA GPU but you can look on youtube how to use NVIDIA Geforce Experience (Shadow Play) to record

3.Windows Game DVR include in Windows 10. However right now I not recommend use it. Microsoft have found this program have a lots of problem of quality right now. Microsoft will fix it with new update later. Its the main reason why a lots of my video have brightness problem and are too much light.I discover it like 5 month later. So probably 100-200 video with bad quality.

(if you have 18356.1 or the latest this version fix the degrade quality of Windows Game DVR)

4.OBS. this program have huge advanced feature and are used by a huge majority of Youtuber

Actually I use AMD Relive. Record the brightness,colors and all perfectly without any problem of quality.

  1. Use Handbrake to reencode your video for better quality and reduce size and all


@Serkan76 Whoa, high morale troops! But the vid is way too laggy.

Here’s how to reduce lagging with Bandicam:


Last time I have hear of Bandicam was in 2009. Please no. I don’t recommend this. Bandicam,Hypercam was good in Windows 7 when you wanted to record in 360p at 30 FPS when 10 was not out and there was only hope for PC gamers to capture screen. Since 2015 a lots of way to record. If you still use this program maybe you should change. Wow so much a dinosaur program. Didn’t know this still exist. Stunning some person still use it :o

I’m using the trial version bandicam. Adjust the settings.

I think game bar in windows 10 is awesome. Just click windows + G

Yup, that’s what I use. Xbox Game Bar is awesome

Were you able to fix the lag with the settings?


Yes, most of the time, I’m using the windows game bar too, 'cause it’s easy and convenient to use. But sometimes, I’m using other third-party softwares when I need more advanced settings options.

So I’m ‘returning’ to OR possibly after more than a year out and having had some battles - I find this ‘Celestial Phoebe’ beast stuffed in to many ‘easy’ bases making them very hard to beat. This beast seems uber powerful compared to the normal ones I found. I have a 100+ lvl account with several max units - but often get my army destroyed and find myself retreating (but not fast enough). The thing heals/runs/destroys faster than anything that I can see. I’m guessing this is some sort of reward for pro-league paying players? 

omg what is this quality??! I really hope you aren’t playing with 1fps…

This is a big problem in low tier, only way to counter is with gardians.

Managed to kill it a couple of times with a decent size of boosted archers. Others beasts drop without any problem at all but that one has no weakness really. It’s insanely strong for the bases where it can appear.  It’ so strange to have that 3 times better than the other beasts that I’ve seen at my lvl 2800 trophies.  

well, this isn’t exactly true. Lower level players can use Surviva’s guide on how to kill Phoebe without boosts. Very simple to follow and works like a charm!