Royal Revolt 2 Forum/Town Hall: Let Players (And Flare) Be Heard!

I think this is a great idea that helps both Flare and its users. Transparency and open communication channels between the two parties will improve the overall satisfaction of players, which would prove to be more profitable for Flare in the long run.

I like the idea of a third party, unbiased moderator. The presence of a moderator will keep things civil and help move issues along.

Can we get some opinions from some Flare staff members?

Flare has given us a lot of changes that we desired, but I think you’re right. I think certain frustrations should be released every once in a while to create greater trust.


Trophy issues seems to be a huge issue at the top. (How did MasterE take such a dive over the past 2 days?) But we don’t know how Flare is moving on that issue. It would be great to vocalize our thoughts collectively.


I see a lot of posts on this forum about Flare being greedy and that also adds frustration, and I think that’s because people get stuck at arbitrary points. We should always be given a route to move, even if it’s very slow as long as the player feels like he’s making progress. Some of the game borders on the impossible, though, without pay. (I’m a paying player and I don’t mind casual players at least getting the feeling of progress). People should be able to voice these kinds of frustrations instead of just bottling them up.


When frustrations come up over and over in the forum, we shouldn’t have to say, “That was talked about 3 months ago.” We should be able to say, “Flare is listening to us on this and here’s the development roadmap.”


I invest an hour and a half of my day in this game every day, so frustrations can build. Like I said, great idea to give us a platform. I think the reason it’s a great idea is because this is a great game and our frustrations show just how much we’re willing to invest in a game this good.

Sort of, yes. Most all companies/organizations have these, whether open meetings with shareholders, private all-employee meetings, and so on. The idea is to put Flare and players in the same “room” and - within bounds - provide a live platform for communication. No vent sessions, etc. (Again, moderated), but honest, insightful and relevant discussion in which real questions (not just the easiest ones) can be asked and answered.

Great reply, thanks! There is (and always has been) a lot of frustration among players. Not everyone can be made happy - or even merely neutral - all the time. But the irony here is the frustration has usually been far less about “things” and more about breakdown in communication over them. The idea isn’t innovative in the least; except here, where an open channel for timely discourse is desperately needed.

If I were in Flare’s shoes, I’d be wary. Some of the comments here and elsewhere could lead them to believe they’d be opening the gates of hell with a live forum. But constructive, goal-focused discussion would be great: i.e. no “I think you suck Flare and here’s a litany of things that piss me off”, where “Im angry at times over X and Y: here are my thoughts on how they need to change; what do you think?” will do. What you say about players being given a roadmap straight from the source would be an immense improvement. Even if it’s not what players want, a lot of good will is created and kept by being forthcoming via am immediate source.

As I’ve said in the past, most players who come off as so opinionated about all aspects of the game and are so fierce in their (sometimes misconceived) defense of it only because they love it. Given that, there’s a very good chance the idea would pan out well.

Great idea, could help result in changes for the better in the game more efficiently/rapidly

id support this idea for sure

yeah, but you’d bring a noose with you Kille!

It’s hard enough to get them to comment on the forums at all. The reason they don’t is they have nothing to gain other than branding loss and a smeared reputation and exposed to a wider audience with their “bad decisions” which will be the focal of the talking points. Like Jona repeats alot “doing things privately” “not leaving a bad taste” it’s just how they choose to operate, which I disagree with, but I would, wouldn’t I? I think silence/ignorance and things left unsaid only

creates more frustration and hostility, at least with a discussion no matter how heated situations have a chance to be resolved. I’m sure language/culture barriers exist within their company so miscommunicated thought processes will be 10 times worse across the forums, it will certainly make them more reluctant. I do like the idea though, I’d love them to get involved in the community, but I just don’t see it.

reason for the moderators cant have every crazy going off tho ill sit in the corner and sharpen my knife lol

I don’t see a big advantage in having another platform for communication.

It’s not the platform that’s missing, but the willingness to talk (and also listen?).


Everything that could be said there, can also be said here.

But if Flare prefers to keep silent to the worries of their players, that doesn’t change with another platform.


And the forum probably has one big advantage over a chat: Everyone has time to think before writing/answering to make sure there are as little misunderstandings as possible.

It is a great idea wish they did it

Different businesses, different communication styles, different media, different temperaments are amenable to different platforms. Are you sure Flare isn’t more amenable to the town hall/forum (answer: no)? It may seem like “putting the cart before the horse”, but you might pleasantly surprised. Your skepticism begs the question of why any organization today would opt to hold an event like thatwith the logistics and expense entailed like this when an email, memorandum, would suffice. Yet, many do anyway, from small businesses to multi-billion dollar conglomerates. The benefits are many.

In our case: seeing representatives from Flare (execs, developers, customer support, etc) in a live and interactive context? The willingness to do that alone would have a major impact. And a *moderated* Q/A - already mentioned as a preemptive measure to ensure “there are as little misunderstandings as possible” - in which immediate, tangible progression on topics can occur represents a huge advantage. At least, the small sample of players who have responded here is indicative of that.

But “the willingness to talk” is what matters most. As you allude to, that’s been mostly absent.

And yet: here players are, continually expressing concerns, offering ideas, going on tirades, having arguments, asking the same old questions. So, this idea is an invitation to Flare leadership: “here: consider trying this”. Maybe they will, or maybe they won’t. But with other means of communication not so effective and a ceaseless cycle of player complaints and discontentment amounting to nothing, suggesting a new, untested one seems like a better idea. The point is to suggest the option and await the response rather than cynically bow to the illogical idea a new “platform for communication” that hasnt been tried wont be any better just because what is currently being tried is largely unsuccessful.


Yes, I’m aware that I’m again just pointing out the negative view on a subject. But I’m just trying to be realistic here.

And I don’t see much reason to be optimistic in this case.


The mentioned events sure may have their benefits for some companies or occasions - no doubt about that!

But mostly there are probably differing reasons for doing these events which justify the expenses. If for example a company tries to promote a new product, they want all the attention they can get and the event-costs are just a secondary thought here.

But in our case it would be only to calm down a few upset users. And considering the total number of players, I assume it really are “just a few” here for Flare and probably not worth that much of a hassle.


If they really want to make a statement I see lots of options for them: Here (like they did after the Windows-Update-Problems - just post and lock if they don’t want discussions), on facebook, on the Royal-Revolt page and on Flares Blog.

After all I still think the reason to have a forum is for communication so it would be an appropriate tool to use if they wanted to communicate.


I agree, let’s see what they reply. Might even be a positive surprise - but I don’t really see a reason to get my hopes up too high here.


Don’t know if I agree with “what is currently being tried is largely unsuccessful”. If you refer to the forum, I don’t see real tries here from Flares side. As far as I see it, they basically quieted down with the switch over from Getsatisfaction (and handing it over from Pete to Jona).

You’re right: the existence of so many options to communicate contrasted with a policy of so little communication is clear. I know they aspire to grow, develop/publish more titles, etc. It seems like they’d learn from the most successful in the biz and imitate their core practices. One of those: “communicate with your players”. In the interest of exhausting every possibility, this is put forward an “as-yet untried” idea that may catch their interest. Im not willing to bet it will; but little else has.

The idea sounds good. I will check how feasible this is. To be honest I don’t see this becoming a monthly thing. But maybe once in a while(?)


This would take some preparing of course.


I am especially unsure about how the “important” questions are gonna be filtered out.



this would be like all the new members of the forums… they start creating new topics of stupid things or things we already talked about, i dont really agree that much on this…oh and how long would this be a whole day, flare reading then 24 hours… theyd want to quit by then or they want a raise

I go with silver on this one…

The concept is simple. It is a chat room/venue. There are 1 or more representatives from Flare who can speak freely. There are player attendees. There is a moderator who facilitates the discussion.

  1. The Flare reps have a chance to present if they want, whatever they want: info on new content, updates of any kind, etc.

  2. Otherwise, questions come in from players to a queue.

  3. These submissions are reviewed, and the moderator selects specific questions to pose to the Flare reps.

  4. Flare responds.

It’s Q&A with no complications. Not all (or even close to all) questions submitted are posed to Flare. “Importance” is a tricky thing, but I think we could break it up into several categories: future content, gameplay, Alliances, dealing with exploits, etc. Q&A proceeds from one theme to the next so the proceedings are orderly.

Length could be 45-90 minutes depending on participation and question volume/variety.

Wouldn’t have to be monthly. Game is bit over a year old and almost to 1.7, or a new version every 2 months or so. So maybe every two months?

I understand the skepticism from some; but I can’t imagine players wouldn’t like listening in to and even participating in a live discussion with Jona and a developer or two… Anyone that’s been on a webinar and seen the Q&A knows this can be a very informative and positive thing, especially at creating common ground for both sides. Other developers have live streams etc. where there’s moderated player/dev interaction and I can tell you players love it.

What about flare sending questions through to our mailbox and then we can reply and send it to flare where it gets filtered and send a same reply to people that asked the same thing to their mailboxes its less stressful this way… And its good for nonforum players

I can see Flaire considering this if a third party presents the most asked questions to them and allows them time to think them over and then answer.

Live streaming- if I was them I wouldn’t want to do that -unless- it was only to answer questions I was given in advance and only had a moderator giving the questions. I would not want to deal with listeners participating in the discussion for the simple reason it would be too easy to get off topic. We see that happen enough in this forum. No one like surprises