Royal Revolt 2 Game Emoji's

Emoji’s, some hate them, others use them for punctuation. in Allianz chat und Messages from friends, and on this forum, Emoji’s.

Someone programs them and creates them, FLARE GAMES/KEENFLARE create graphics for players to use as Avatars,

but what about Royal Revolt 2 game emoji’s? I am talking the King, the Queen, an Ogre, Werewolf, Froster Ninja…

could some talented person employed by FLARE GAMES/KEENFLARE make special in game RR2 emoji’s?

that way when you send a friend a message, for example "hey, Madlen what units are you suing right now in your attacks?’

instead of Madlen responding, "i am using a Viking, Monk und Werewolf.’

Madlen could respond " <Viking emoji><Monk emoji><Werewolf emoji>  ?