Royal Revolt 2 - Get Free Gem

Can you explain what is this? Is there a fault in the game. Well, It helps us when we urgently need one gem to do anything.

We have 499 and we need 500.

Any suggestions. It happens in all accounts.


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Royal Revolt 2 05_07_2018 22_58_40.mp4

Hej :slight_smile: you found a nice Bug ?


It’s an easter egg. You can get one free gem each day.

Your right ???

That gem house is already over 2 years old

Yeah, but a lot of players don’t know that. Specially the new ones.

as he does not know, it’s on FG’s arm - ban him for making free gems, 30 a month !!! WHAT WE WILL DO WITH IT ???

Lol, you just reminded me of when I first found it. I was looking at Flotha’s vids for the first time, trying to figure out how to get gems in the CoF and I saw his video on 5k gems a month, that you can squish a house. I was so weirded out. Of course, the first time I went back in to the game after that, I forgot where the house was, so I clicked several wrong houses, before going back to the video to check on it again lol

I had found it by clicking on literally EVERYTHING- every house, every rock, every chicken. (Do you realize how hard it is to click on the dang chickens when you have to chase them with your mouse? LOL)  I learned that by playing Final Fantasy VII.  I had played the game for months upon months only to figure out I had gone as far as I could.  After looking online as to why I couldn’t go anywhere, I realized I had missed some key about halfway into the game- and literally about 2 or 3 months earlier.  I didn’t have  the patience to go back and go through alllllll of that all over again, so I just said screw it and never played it again. Since then, I click on every possible thing so I don’t pull a FF7 on myself again… ?


I have a secret I would like to share with the community.  If you click on a farm, you get food.  Not just one farm - but all 4!

@KingThunderbolt4 lol its exactly I do in Mirriors of Albion. When I don’t find a item. I click everywhere because sometime they are very well hidden. That work. I don’t make high scores but that work

What technic you have learn? : ‘‘The click everywhere technic’’ useful in many video game. Also in 90’s old point and click game like Day of Tentacle or Sam and Max,etc…

I think you are getting your 90s memories confused, @Warriornator.  That was a 90s anime " Japanese adult movie."  


look more careful your main sources and search on google lol. Day of Tentacle is a game. Ubisoft have make a remastered edition last year. Its a point and click made by Lucas art ( who don’t exist anymore today) the game was your controlled 3 player : Ben and 2 others. In a time machine who are separate in time. One in a present,one in a future and one in the past. The goal was stop the evil tentacle and get multitude items,etc…

Okay, you could have just said, “Joke Fail.”   

But if you really know your classic games, I mean Classic, you will know this:  xyzzy


I cannot agree more. You have completely miss your joke. ‘‘Joke Fail’’ of course lol

In the US, the educated class would call your response: Obtuse   ?


@BoatieMcBoatFace do not pay attention ! 

Obtuse sorry out of my knowledge. Don’t know what that means sorry. So that why i don’t have answer this. I guess google is my friend.

I admit joke and me make two. I don’t catch one same if someone tell me is joke. I admit joke is far my stuffs sorry. I cannot understand them. So yes its possible I am obtuse

No offense, Boatie, but I prefer to use: Acute, in situations like these :lol: