Royal Revolt 2 Ideas , Suggestion and Improvement List

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I open this new topic for improvement to replace ABor’s old one as it is a bit too old and messy now.Hopefully we can keep this new one neat and updated.I will monitor the topic and take all the good ideas into the shortlist so that its easier for the developers to read it all in one place (or at least have all the links at one place)
-Please keep any suggestions realistic , for example we know Windows can’t get free food due to Microsoft restriction so that’ll be unrealistic
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Suggestion: Alliance Wars
Summary: Reduce this and that
Explanation: (if needed)
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Shortlisted Suggestions :


  • Improving the search engine to find players or alliances in the leaderboard
  • Improve leaderboard navigation (add a “jump to rank X” feature)
  • Add a confirmation button for spending gems to speed up upgrades
  • Rework granny system
  • Increase gem-reward from players’ raids when they spend gems on our base.


Alliances / Friends: 

  • Additional rank between soldier and general
  • Additional free gold income for alliances - e.g. 1% of each raid’s loot being transferred to alliance treasury, transferring raided gold to alliance treasury when player’s treasury is full, or being able to give the gold from selling unwanted items to alliance treasury. 
  • Notification when alliance donation cooldown is over 
  • New donation overview button/tab , link :
  • Show cooldown bar for 60hr penality (for players switching alliance during war season)
  • Show online status for in game friends
  • Additional friend and favorite slots
  • Display IGN of the player that “did” things (i.e. who activated an alliance boost or wrote an alliance message). 
  • Option to set basic requirements for joining (e.g. king lvl, alliance tower level, trophy range), as well as a short cooldown for re-applying to the same alliance after being rejected
  • By clicking the little arrow in the chat bar you can select with what group talk (normal or private - only leader and generals)
  • Search foreign alliances which have different letters in another way like save them as favourite list



Base building: 

  • Extra silo levels to match the new max farm level
  • Reduce cost for alliance tower upgrade
  • Save/load slot for base layout / waves 
  • “Show structures inventory” button (currently you have to remove structures from your base to be able to view the inventory)
  • Builder suggestions should suggest things that can actually be afforded currently, not just random things that require way more gold than the player currently has. 


  • Slight increase in loot from others’ bases depending on your own hero level - reduces problems with low loot, and provides incentive for leveling up your king (see
  • Show raid time at end of a raid to the attacker, and to the defender in the attack history. Also, as a video replay feature is often suggested but probably not likely to be added, maybe show additional information about the raid in some other way, e.g. the base preview as seen by the attacker, with a skull at the place where the attacker died or ran out of time as well as a visual cue about which structures where destroyed in the raid. (see

Alliance Wars Skulls amount needed to win legendary magic chest is still too high!


My alliance fought 13 wars in this season, and even I scoring always 3x 840skulls or more in all wars I still dont have enough skulls even for the FIRST legendary chest

Not fair giving them only to heavy grinders and war champions.


Add as well…

• Players get a legendary chest at the end of War Season if they score 3x 100% on all wars

Ok, I’ll copy some ideas I posted some time ago on Joekee’s list:


  • Female avatar

  • Elite Boosts for Frosters and Pyromancers. They may be weak sometimes

  • More levels for the silo, it is necessary because of the new farm levels

  • More dungeon levels or special rewards when you beat again each room with higher difficulty or special rules to make it harder

  • Something to make gargoyles useful for offense


Agree with pyro’s high level frosters are strong enough already though, maybe boost mortar as well as garg, both pretty redundant now.

please decrease the cooldown for gold shields

Allow Players to sell items between each-other for any price the players choose for gold, or gems.

but limited to the players in an alliance, so the items can’t be sold to another alliance that the player is not apart of.


Add a chat window in War map area for anyone involved in that war to post comments for all to see 

so anyone in alliances within the warmap can type comments for those alliances in battle to view and respond

this is a totally separate chat window that is only in use during war time. hope that is clear


Make farms generate food faster 


Increase the silo level to at least double its maximum capacity




Add a second stream of dungeons

Alliance Wars suggestion: Champions improvement…

Each Champion can replace the score of another player, as long as the Champion scores higher of course. But no Champion bonus doing that, just a normal score.

Trying to find a solution for players with 0 skulls.


I don’t have much to say here…how works the alliance?

Second chat box for leaders and generals. This would make it easier to co-ordinate tactics and alliance business instead of having send messages between several members. You could put a tab function on the current chat box just for generals and leaders.

1. I hate tough barricade. not just because it’s tough it’s because it makes traps and blockades useless. So unless there is a cooldown on elite boost or something that gives me a reason to use these blockades in some fashion.


2. Chat between whoever you have raided or stole your gold.


3. And still very important. Windows bread. I know we can’t have videos. but you still have to find away for us to get bread. I’ll give you a suggestion right now. My phone is android and I can watch videos but I don’t want to play on a phone I like PC. Sooo lets sync my account and transfer all my delicious free bread.

thanks for all the suggestions so far , I will update the list every Monday.

1.Reduce cost to upgrade Alliance Tower 

2.A store where we can buy items for our King with the option to purchase in either gems,pearls or gold

3.Improved Alliance Chat 

4.Ability to be able to see if our Friends are on line

Suggestion: New button/panel/tab


_Summary: _Add total amount of gold donations an alliance can do


_Explanation: _The simple reason i ask this is because i have always to manually calculate how much gold my members have and where we can spend it: on elite boosts or champions or shields, etc etc. So if there would be a display that show the total amount of gold all alliance members do, could be very helpful for everyone at 100% !


I think tough barricade is good and blockade are not completely useless since they are still heavily used at lower-mid level gameplay.I like that chat idea but sometimes you’re raided by people who dont speak your language which make the chat option useless.Windows bread , well I reached number 1 a few times without free food and I’m not the only one.Most Vietnamese players are PC user and many are able to reach high levels with this handicap.It’ll take some extra work but after some point you really dont need bread anymore except to grind in war.

A new kind of reward could be ‘Hours’. It would be nice to take a few hours off of upgrades at the end of a war season depending on how many skulls you made. A lot of people don’t like that it is hard to get the 60k chest in wars. This could be an added reward on top of chests.

youre basically saying youre perfectly fine not getting any legendary chest?? you must be the ONLY player who thinks like that! =P [apparently I’m the ONLY player who thinks those impossible rewards for regular players should be easier 

and the chest for 3 x 100% is not a free gift, is an incentive. you gotta work for it



Im not saying I want to protect my gold forever, I just dont buy the most expensive gold shields so it would be nice to use the 1 day shield more often when its not combined with other shields =P

I beg to differ, I’m perfectly fine with not getting a legendary chest if I don’t deserve it. It’s true that getting 3x100% on every battle needs some work, but if I only want to reach that then I must only attack the lowest or weakest members of the alliances and then I’ll get the chest effortless.

if you “dont deserve it”??? dont you deserve a legendary chest for doing your best in wars?!

cause right now even if we do our best we can’t get any of them


and maybe 3x100% on every battle and reaching an epic chest then (?)