Royal Revolt 2 in Computer

Experience of playing in computer and horrible there is no way you set the buttons for better gameplay and character should be guided by the arrows I think it would not be impossible to flaregames make some changes to play on the computer.

Your topic should go to “Bugs and problems” section or to “help and questions” section.

I play on computer and I find it really easy. Occasionally I will lose control of my hero lol, but that’s on the player (me). Using the mouse to control the hero is really easy. Depending on where you are in the game you should get used to it. If you are like me (level 95), then it’ll be tough to get used to it because you’ve played so long and still had trouble. But if you are low level (30 or under) then you will find yourself getting accustomed to the controls 

I agree with OP.

The controls aren’t half bad, I’d say they’re set up rather nicely, but the lack of customization comes into play on certain occeasions; mainly during the Pro League.

For example, I’m used to having Blizzard on key 5, Firestorm on 6 and Sonic Blast on key 7 - the same goes for my units. Everyone playing on PC has their preferences for Spells and Units when it comes to which keys are used to activate them. In Pro League, however, everything is pre-set for you in certain slots and, by extension, impossible to be changed. I wish you could just ‘grab’ a Spell or Unit, then drag and drop them into a different slot.

The fact that the ESC, Backspace or side Mouse Buttons do not work is also a bit irritating, since there are so many menus in this game, especially during the War Season, that it’d be nice to just ‘go back’ by 1 Window via simple key press, not having to rely on your Mouse so much all the time.

If y’all had zero customisation options, like mobile players, then this wouldn’t be an issue. Though some players still complain the order of spells in PL is different than what they’re used to.