Royal Revolt 2 Survey (1.9.1.)

Hello Community,


Welcome to our first survey!


I want to catch your mood at this point in time and keep asking you these questions in the coming months.


This allows me to collect some data that shows how you are feeling about Royal Revolt 2.


In addition to the survey, please use this thread to answer the following question:


  • What about the most recent update made you give it that survey rating?


Thank you all for participating!





The survey is avoiding the two key issues (3 if you include scream nerf), Do you want skulls in CoF, should the loser bonus stay.


You could even sub-divide the loser bonus question into, should it be only given to alliances that lost to an attack from an alliance rather than those that defended an attack

Hey Drum,

those issues have been discussed a lot and I think I understood the general picture and mood.


This is meant to be a broader survey that I would re-ask after every update, that’s why it has been formulated that way.

OK, thanks Jack, sorry but after reading over the last few days comments it wasn’t apparent that that was the case or that FG were taking any notice of us over those particular issues. I know its not you personally and you I know you are only covering for Aether and find yourself in the middle of a big storm, apologies if I have muddied the waters.

Jack, I understand and respect your opinion.




Is it possible to ask opinions about specific changes made in those versions?


In previous updates the skull reward in chests plus skull loser bonus where introduced. So I would extend the questions with specific answers to those features. These would belong in the updates where they were introduced.


Something like:


What is your opinion about skull rewards in chest (update 1.9.0 I guess)?

  • Great feature, increase the skull reward bonus in chests please
  • Please keep them exactly as they are implemented now
  • Please keep them as they are implemented now, but don’t give players the chance to open other chests after picking a wrong one.
  • Only add the skull reward to the players skull total, skull rewards should have no effect on war outcome and not be added to war skull total
  • Please remove the skull rewards completely from the game

What is your opinion about skull loser bonus (version 1.8.x)?

  • I like it, please increase bonus 
  • Please keep it just the way it works now
  • Skull loser bonus % should only be given against opponent that already beated us. Only skulls in losing war should count for bonus.
  • I don’t like it, please remove the feature from the game

At least flare gets an impression how users feel about some changes and could respond accordingly to that situation. It could prevent the way it goes now, topics pages full with players complaining.


This topic I would extend with questions about the unique war boosts, attack limitation plus the scream nerf.

hmmm…i would think the number of quitters would have answered most of these questions

or if not the amount of bitching in this forum…or dont you read forum


I fully understand what is going on. I am looking for ways to make a good point.


I a way, I believe that this will also be reflected in the current survey.

The skull rewards and loser bonus was highly affected by the limitation of attacks and directly ties into the update. The role of those two features has become much more prominent with this update.

Regarding the survey, here some answers:


1) How satisfied are you with Royal Revolt 2 overall? Neutral


I think this question should be the last thing of all the other questions, however i put neutral because if i put Satisfied couldn’t be the truth because it isn’t. Many issues born from Alliance War system when it was created and still they aren’t fixed (matchmaking vs other alliance totally unranked, when before there were only alliances with same fiefdoms now there are also alliances with +1 or -1 fiefdoms than your, or +10 members than yours that don’t help literally in no way your alliance since you know that you can’t win, reducing the desire to participate in the war ). And with Update 1.9.1 everything is messed up even more like as if it wasn’t already before…

The little positive aspect from this update is give new movement to wars like the introduction of new name for war i find funny this thing according to what special elite boosts you can win. I found interesting this new boost to liven up the wars but not at all since i thought was better put these new special boost as elite boost that cannot be prolonged, but it’s ok also with this method so you can decide what elite boost are more effective than others and prolong them.


2) How did the most recent update affect your gameplay experience? Negatively


Yes negatively, since i repeat that many issues like the impossibility to win a war because other alliances have 10 people than your, or the introduction of the loser-bonus-skull that is totally a stupid thing since an alliance if win against another should be only because it had all active members that partecipate with their skill ability  and i repeat skill and not that you can get this kind of support because at the end of all loser-skull-bonus is to help you because you were noob the war before. The answer is no, you lose because you weren’t prepared and other logic motivations, but then you keep your failes because you will learn by your mistakes. If i win a war against a similar alliance than mine and the next day that alliance attack me and win only because it had these skull-bonus, why i should lose? what is the motivation to continue to do this war? so was better that i didn’t put efforts and spend gems, etc since i know that the next day i lose…there is really no point on this thing and i’m for the removal of these loser-skull-bonus.

Then there is the problem of skull in chests, another ridiculus thing that make angry people because everything is based on how much lucky and how much gems you can spend and how much scrolls you are able to waste. It isn’t funny spend gems, and know that you will lose surely and then remember that you have limited attacked. let’s say that i’m against an identical alliance like mine with same members, trophies, etc but that alliance is more lucky than mine and more spendthrift than mine so it will surely have more chance to find more skulls but also to complete all raids than mine poor alliance, now the question is where is skill here? Skill has been converted in pay and you win. Also the chance to find skull in chests has been increased from what i saw in this update, this make even more angry people and totally messed up the war system. Seems that really nothing is based on skill. I’d like to see a clear war without this strange mechanism that help you the loser or incentive to spend to win the war season.


(3+4 both together)

3) How satisfied are you with the game balance of Royal Revolt 2? Neutral


4) How satisfied are you with the matchmaking of Royal Revolt 2? Very Unsatisfied


Neutral for third question. If we have to talk about game balance against other people is probably the first thing to leave aside and the reason talk before, if we have to talk about more level for spells troops, tower, etc is a good cause to counteract the introduction of special elite boosts, etc. and seems a good move for this. Also i like the attack limitation to avoid grindiness among players, but i would increase it a little bit, i see it too much limited.


Then i’m very unsatisfied… it’s not only my impression but seems that you do on purpose about the gold via matchmaking. You know that things costs a lot 9m 10m 12m and…look… when do you find good loot? Obviously during Alliance War when you need to save your food to fight and not always to make careless and think to yourself by upgrading your things. And when War Season is finished, there are hay balls rolling via normal matchmaking. No gold for 2-3 days. And now when do you think people can upgrade their things ? Seems another incentive to spend gems to buy gold shield everytime…


5) How satisfied are you with the overall gameplay of Royal Revolt 2? Neutral


Currently i put Neutral, gameplay is not an immediately thing to determinate because there are various factors that can be positive and negative, so I will not dwell too much on this. I say only that if there could be more chance for king to win bases could be a good move also here. The scream nerfing for most players it wasn’t swallowed well for main problem as: i spend gems to buy good scream items and now you decreased them, it’s like give money to someone that you know you will never see them again. I can really udnerstand the sadness and fury among players about this problem, but the fact is that they do this thing because before the nerf you could have a permanent scream effect that could save your a** in every situation. They remove this permanent effect setting a limit of 100% with a delay of 4sec every time. This to allow to defensive troops to do their job and not killed immediately. In fact Elite Ogre is now more happy than before because it can stun its enemies than do nothing like before asking itself: “what has my club of strange that isn’t able to stun units”…At least now you need more skill and calculate better the time rather than scream and run like a horse because your scream do everything for you.


6) What is your King’s Level? Level 92


Just to let realize that i’m not talking nonsense things, my king level is lvl 92.





Also Jack, you had mentioned in one of your earlier posts that you wanted to table the scream nurf issue since you would provide more info at a later time. Please remember to provide the info you were alluding to.

make it public XD

Ah, yes, sorry for not getting back to that yet! *Adds to to-do list*

It will never be a succes in matchmaking, as everytime you end up getting up wrong results , think out of the box flaregames ,Is it necessary that you have to pair us with alliances? Cant we attack alliances on our own? No matchmaking needed then , also the opposite alliance should be given an option to accept / reject war, though this method is incomplete , your brilliant developers can complete this and make alliance wars a success. Everyone will get thier own time of wanted break between wars .

Scream 4 seconds, is a rape. 1,5 seconds would be enough to make the game more fair.

Jack’s original post on this thread states "What about the most recent made you give it that survey rating?"


This means after you’ve given your answers on the survey, leave a comment going into more detail about your likes, dislikes, and overall opinion of the most recent update and its affect on the game, basically explaining why you left your specific answers in response to the survey. Take a note from Opelle and please be constructive in your comments and criticisms. I have not played the game since the new update, so I can not personally comment constructively, but I would just like to remind everyone to be cordial and respectful when commenting. We don’t have to turn a potentially constructive thread that will put all of your concerns in one place into a thread filled with bickering and name calling! Thanks.

if u ask those question now, i’ll be pointing at all lowest those options. cos u ask for general issue related, while we are in deep need for specific issue resolve asap. this is useless polling/avoidance. bad customer service. i hope flare has learned to be a better developer by now.

again something i think you already know, people scream in forums that things are getting worse , and still you ask these questions .

is this proof that you dont read or just ignore these things or si flare just a little bit stupid and ignorant ??

with the flood of people quiting and unhappy people you cant realy think that this is easy fixed with a poll from wich flare already knows the answers ?

i said it a whole time back already . i seen companies fall hard because of their own mistakes and greed . til now it goes exactky how it went with other companies . if this isnt be fixed rr2 wil be an empty world within less then a year

i have one more question…i dont understand the prolonging of war boosts still…how long do they stay activated at max…if not won next time they reappear…what i thought was…you win it and can prolong it till the next time they reappear…and during that very war season…but i see many allainces which didnt ge t first place and still have the gargoye boost…which should have probably expired by now…but they still have it…

some allainces like vanguard lost it because they didnt win it again…and i m confident that they prolonged it as much as they can…but some like north allaine and many more still have it…what the heck is this…clear my doubt please!!!

Thank You!!

yeah there is a new update…all problems solved now woohoo i can play again…oh my mistake  there is a new update…it just does not address our concerns…back to looking for new game i guess

I got it… Jack, no offense, but FG don’t give a shit about this community… This community is just their testing department… We are 1% from the RR2 players…why should flare change something, when majority(99% never entered in this forum) is quietly and keep buying gems and play… Honestly, it seems like an abuse… “WE” are doing Flaregames’ job at the end… …there is no sense with all this survey’s … Problems are reported in hundreds of complains and topic’s…isn’t enough to get fixed? Time…time…waiting, for that we are buying gems…speeding time…to not waiting… I think flare should compensate in some way…to buy our time which we spend here and “work” for them.

Jack, as you remember to provide the info on the scream boost nurf, I want to draw your attention to the FG video on the new war season special boost Stargazers tower.  If you watch the video from FG on this boost it recommends 2 ways to combat it:


  1. Scream

  2. Scroll


So, more info is needed regarding your review of the scream boost nurf before the Stargazer is unleashed.