Royal Revolt 2: The Untold Stories

Episode 1: Love, Greed and Consequences - Part 1


Ever wondered why innocent looking Ogre wants to destroy everything in the world? From where did he got so much power?


Ogre was very happy with his life. He had a girl friend, an Ogre princess. Her dance would make him feel divine. They loved each other so much. So much that the Ogre princess never minded the funny dance by Ogre (One can also that dance in front of castle gate when a battle ends). But suddenly one day Ogre heard that his beloved girl friend was killed. Why did somebody killed the harmless girl? Whose dance am I going to watch now? These questions were troubling Ogre’s mind. Ogre didn’t knew who killed her but he still wanted revenge. So he picked up his club and started clobbering everybody.


Never stand in Ogre’s way. His club has some power. The power of an unfulfilled love…

But who killed Ogre princess? Why she was killed? Where can we find her in the game? You can find that in the next episode.




Episode 2: Love, Greed and Consequences - Part 2

Episode 3: Love, Greed and Consequences - Part 3

Episode 4: The “Cold” Froster

Episode 5: The Bro Talk

Episode 6: Piercing Truth

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lol nice story

Ogre + Princess = Ogress

(sorry for the Worst Portmanteau in the World)

I was also thinking about calling her Ogress but I wanted to add that she is a princess.

Ah I wanna hear more, your better than me (for sure)

Episode 2 please

Great story! :slight_smile:


Looking forward to more. But take your time, good work needs time :slight_smile:

what about twilight starring werewolf ogre mummy and gargoyle

Why the hurry? Let the story unfold.

Episode 2: Love, Greed and Consequences - Part 2


King Senior, father of the current king, had all the gold and gems he would ever need. He was on top of the “Leaderboardâ€. All of his Buildings, Towers, Spells and Troops were at max level. He had looted many a castles to accomplish this. But his thirst for power and riches was not quenched. He wanted to always stay at the top of the leaderboard. One day he got to know that more gold and gems are up for grabs inside the dungeons. So he went inside the dungeons. He saw the Ogre Princess dancing in joy, wearing lots of gems and gold. She was the happiest girl in the entire world today. Because she was going to marry Ogre next day. But King Senior blinded by his craving for gems and gold had some other ideas. He attacked Ogre Princess with his max level Sword Drain. Ogre princess without an Elite Boost could not survive the attack. She was dead but her unfulfilled love did not let her completely die. She was turned into a “Mummy”!!

One can still see her dance in-front of castle gate when a battle ends, She waves her hands elegantly which only a princess can do. Mummy tries to fill Ogre in her arms every time she sees him. Ogre too sometimes feels suspicious when he watches the Mummy dance. But poor Ogre is still not able to recognize her…


What happened to King Senior? Did his thirst for gems, gold and leaderboard position ever ended? To know answers watch out for next episode.

can’t wait :wacko:

Np! ^_^

Nice work

Flare should really make you and official author… You’re amazing, I biggest fan(btw the princess becoming a mummy is somewhat like twilight(hate the movie but so much drama))

Thank you for liking the story. But twilight was nowhere in my mind when I wrote this episode. In fact I have not watched full movie yet.

Well you have to think of cheesy movies like that to make good movies and… Whaaaaaaa, you should watch all of then(not, they suck)

let’s hear it dude

Still working episode 3.

Episode 3: Love, Greed and Consequences - Part 3

When Ogre Princess was dying she looked around to know who has attacked her. She was quick to realize that King Senior killed her for the gold and gems. She cursed King Senior.

She said, “Oh King, all of us in dungeon know how rich you are. You have millions of gold and thousands of gems. Still you killed a harmless girl for some gold. Your thirst for gold is increasing day by day. I am cursing you that you will forgot everything about you and your gold. You will become a monster and wander around for eternity without any purpose in life.â€

King Senior’s body began to transform and he became a “Werewolfâ€!!

King Senior is a special type of werewolf. He always remain werewolf. He cannot come back to his human form. Moonlight has some elite affect on him. Under moonlight he becomes an Elite Boosted “Raging Wolfâ€.

Werewolf now wanders around with no purpose. He asks everybody “Who am I?†(Have you heard werewolf howl in the game?). People can’t understand it and get frightened instead. When they don’t answer werewolf starts to hit them.

The greediest and most power hungry king of us all named “M******E†is also doomed to become a monster like werewolf one day. But wait… Aren’t we all just as greedy as him? Are we all doomed???


So are all of us (we the kings) the real evil? Or somebody else is more evil than us? We will get know this as the story unfolds in subsequent episodes. But till then we will move focus to some other stories happening in the Royal Revolt 2 realm. Stay tuned.