Royal Revolt 2 Trivia anytime soon?

I’m a big supporter of these trivia’s, but they don’t come around to often (even though they’re supposed to be monthly). I’m just wondering, are we getting a trivia anytime soon? It’s a good way for players to get some gems

Whilst I have nothing against any of these things :slight_smile: , but where is the information from that they are hosted monthly? This is about a forum trivia quiz or?

Just looked for it so that I could take a screenshot, but I guess when you resorted the forums and took down old threads, it was among those that were deleted. It was made by Alysea, the former CM here. I think the topic was in the Trivia forum off-topic, or maybe in the RR2 “Forum Events” subforum

Okay, well I was not aware that these were hosted monthly, and from looking at the event section this was also not the case in the recent past. I will think about it, but this is not a current rule for now :slight_smile: