ROYAL REVOLT 3.9 (All Good Stuff, But We Need More...)

After checking out _ Royal Revolt 3.9 _, I can say all the changes are good. 


First off thanks for all the interface improvements. 

I was able to check a few right off my list!  :slight_smile:


Changing your Wardrobe right on the Attack Screen!  Kind of Solves 4.J, half way.  :grinning:

And being able to re-order  Troops and Spells in Pro League.  That’s exactly what I was hoping for in 4.L.  :wink:



Why can’t we melt items right from our Inventory?

Obviously thanks for the multiple select I’ve been asking and hoping for that for a long time!

But seriously, I haven’t used the Sell button in my Inventory in probably 2 years!  But I have often browsed my Inventory realized I didn’t need an item, then had to close the Inventory, open the Blacksmith, re-find the item, and then melt it!  (And it take a while to find, I have 120 slots in my Inventory!)  Can you please just add the same little Melt Button to the Sell /Equip Buttons in the Inventory.


And finally, when are we going to get a longer Path.  I had an awesome idea for something to do with my Path like a year ago, and I’ve been waiting relatively patiently, and I only need 2 more tiles in my Path! 


Please, please, please…


When’s the freaking Gargoyle finally going to be a useful offensive troop?