Royal Revolt 3

Hi FG,

            Why not open Royal Revolt 3, and do all the experimentations there? Leave RR2 as it was and let everybody enjoy.

Make RR3 one time paid game. People who love this game will definitely purchase the 3rd version of this. 

There were so many positive points in RR2 before all the stupid updates. I mean, sometimes gold is there sometimes not, perks pop up and then get nerfed, tower power gets nerfed. You plan something and then everything goes “boom” the next update, vaporinzing in thin air. Come on, let this game be for all the FG is known for “enjoyment”. We do appreciate packages, and occassional gems purchase but not the the extent that it destroys the game.


If they have to do a sequel i prefer to buy it…i don’t wanna another free-to-play and within pay-to-win inside.

Support you.

Haha, wishful thinking. Let’s think logically: RR2 is a permanent milking cow for flares. So, why not keeping it alive…

Yup, definitely keeping it alive, but with fewer experimentations and more of strategic flavor.