Royal Revolt not synchronized with Google Games or Google account; game keeps restarting

 My king name is “Benjamin 202”, and this problem started quite a while ago.
Namely, when I try to play with this account on ANY smart phone (and I have tried at least 2 or 3 different ones, so it’s not a phone issue), the game will ask me to “crown” myself, i.e. give myself a king name. As soon as I push the “Crown me!” button, the game “loses connection”, “reconnects”, and I am given the same choice (to choose my king’s name) again, I hit the “Crown me!” button again and the whole thing just keeps going in a loop like this. My only way of getting out of it is to reset the game’s cache/memory and start fresh, with a different account. I tried a couple of different accounts, and there were no problems.
 This problem started, if I remember correctly, when my previous phone failed, and I believe I was somewhere at that point of “getting crowned”, or I could have used the same account on another phone, I am not sure.
 Either way, I get around this problem by using this account in Facebook Gameroom. I play it there without problems (aside from FB Gameroom being extremely slow to load up and start), and I have achieved level 34 so far (don’t play it too often due to the inconvenience of FB Gameroom). But even more than a year later, if I try to use this account on any phone, I will get the same “Crown me!” loop problem.
 I have e-mailed the Flare Games about this, and they said that they don’t see any problem with my account on their end, so apparently it’s not the Royal Revolt 2 game issue either.
 Today I have tried once again to use it, had the same loop problem, and then checked my Google Games account separately, to see what’s going on.
 The Google Games account has no records of any of my games (RR2 is the only game I have), achievements, scores, nothing! Somehow, for some reason, my “Benjamin 202” account in RR2 didn’t synchronize with Google Games (GG from here onward), so GG keeps giving RR2 the “near-zero” (beginner level) stats, and because that’s vastly different from RR2 server’s information, the game “thinks” something is wrong and disconnects and reconnects again.
 I don’t know how to fix this issue, so if anyone knows how can I get my actual account statistics synchronized with Google and be able to play on my phone, feel free to “chip in”!
 Thank you beforehand to all those who help in solving this problem!

P.S.: Yes, I’m aware that I can create another account and then link it with “Benjamin 202”, but I want to be able to use the original Google account.