Royal Revolt T-Shirts


One of my members found these Royal Revolt T-Shirts on the net. I share here, maybe some of you like them.
It seems they are available from Amazon US only.



wow very nice, but i hope it’s not a scam. Maybe we can have a confirm from a dev about this?

I can confirm this is not a scam and they are official Royal Revolt 2 t-shirts. Only available via the Amazon US market for now but we are looking into making those available to more regions in the future. Nothing confirm yet, but we will let you know as soon as we more details.

You should sell some rr2 toilet paper. That would be awesome

Why no 2-crown 99% shirt?  :rolleyes:

What about 99%, 0 crowns bug like happened to me few time ago lol

and also -60 trophies better

Where is the Queen printed?