Royals United alliance

Rules of the Royal United:


  1. Anyone can join!!!

  2. Donation can be helpful for this alliance no matter how much you pay.

  3. You might be removed depending on how bad the situation is.

  4. Royals United alliance aim to be the best and never give up.

  5. Make sure to try you best and have fun!

  6. Sometimes or few of the times, talk about strategy. (If you want).

  7. Ask a question if you need any help in the game.

  8. Be active mostly every single day and have fun!!!



Go Royals United!!!

Please consider being in my alliance. We can change the rules or add any later. Also, my actually name in the game is Saad427. Not the one I used to sign up and post things here.

Actually, I messed up with one of the rules and that is #3. I actually meant that if you are inactive then you will be removed, but you can come back to the alliance once you are active

hi :stuck_out_tongue: