Royals United Recruitments

Hello everybody!!! I am looking for members to be in my alliance. Its called Royal United. So far we have 27 out of 31 members who are active. We are ranked 950 so far. Alliance level is 26!!! Rules are:

  1. Anyone is welcome. :slight_smile:

  2. Donation is required.

  3. Participate inĀ alliance wars is required.

  4. You can chat or ask about strategy if you like. You can talk about other thingsĀ if you desire.

  5. Cursing to each other or being inactive will be removed from the alliance. Even having bad behavior.

  6. You must be active and try to improve your defense. Even your character level.

If you any questions, you can asked me here or add me in the game. My username isĀ Saad427 in the game.