RR 2 Defense Your Castle.This is no defense at all Game

I have spend more than 1 million pearls to perked my defenses, Units, Troops, Barricates, Traps ect… I can win any bases without scoll, same as other players run through my base like walk in the park without a single scoll like my base was never perked. I am very tired of this RR 2 Defense your castle, there is no good defense at all because Flare keeps milking money $$ from players to have the best offenses gears. So what is the point of having no defense like before ??? I’m about to quit and delete this stupid Defense Your Castle game. There is no point to continue i maxed out all my troops, towers, barricades, traps and perked everything like crazy but everytime i opened my history attacks,it  hurts bad, almost 95% raiders beat my without scoll. So if you dont fix this any sooner i will quit the game and im sure other players felt the same as me.

I like the game, but agree, why can’t we do special things for defense…

You can compete to get Ninjas to help you attack. 

Why can’t you win a guardian you can place outside your castle, and he remains there until someone kills him?  That would be cool!

heres a new concept how about more then 8 units per wave for gods sake? i mean really its kinda sad, i know the mummy can get more knights but what if i want 20 archers in a huge wave of doom? or 41knights…your killing me smalls.


Actually it seems cool, but it’s impractical cause all those units die to virtually any spell so whether it’s 8 or 40 they’ll all die just instantaneously. 

By this I see a point, now it’s time for additional path length.

Flare wake up give us the some additional path length… Like the dungeon…


You have a point with all the new advances in offense…


Ninjas (with no defensive counter)

Uber Weapons (with no defensive counter)

It’s time for increased defenses…

Here are my suggestions:

Obviously never level for Castle Gate

(With that new level I want to see a new graphic for my castle I’ve had the came castle look for a year!)

I don’t necessarily think we need more need a longer path, but I’d like:

An Additional Tower and Obstacle.

Also I’ve like the ability to place obstacles on the area just in front of the gate.  (You can put towers on the side when can’t I put and obstacle barricade on that space just before the path opens up?

Next, I’d like to see a new item in the Chamber of Fortune…

Sometimes when you open a chest you should get a Troll or a Giant, or something like that.  He’s a character that goes into holding…  Maybe in your Dungeon. :wink:

And you can set him outside your castle any time you want.  The only issue is, once he’s set he’s there until someone kills him.  Then he’s dead.  Be he should supply a significant defensive advantage.  So you can gain a stronger defense through lucky raiding!  It would also add a new element to the Alliance Wars, say an enemy places a Troll/Giant, then the weaker members of the alliance would have to call on the stronger to break those defenses so that the weaker ones would have a chance. 

20 archers even if they all only get one shot of will kill many kings lol

Don’t worry!

Ninja is screwing up everything. Put wolf & ogre in first second wave. And gragoyel cannons Forster morter in the 4th 5th 6th wave. Aline some high range gragoyle tower …

it should be enough.

total hell rain…