RR2 crashing repeatedly while raiding

Today, strangely after server maintenance, my game is crashing repeatedly. I have noticed it while raiding on a base. It crashes at the exact same point of raid, when the wolf howls. I made a video too for your reference.


Its very annoying, I am losing trophies and bread for no reason. Anyone having similar issues?

My IGN: Ashrora

after SM I experience 2 crashes, using archers/wolf

so I stopped using archers

Also have crash in war! Battle counted (

As me, i stopped using archers pro boost. :slightly_frowning_face:


I just get crash without archers in my army

its happing alot, in a middle of raid, i have lost in war and in normal raids.

Guys, thank you for reporting and we apologise for the inconvenience. We will make sure to investigate asap. 

when we get news???

in last hour i had 5 crashes, ingame nick is cutcher

this is not bearable!!!

Trophies are gone, food is gone.
I lost more than 300 trophies over the last few days due to crashes of the game. So many trophies I can not get back to the next ninja festival.

Shame on you Flares. If one puts pro archers in his/her base, and you attack the base, the game crashes. I lost 70 trophies in one attack just now. Disgusting!

I didnot faced this till now , maybe you should give them more details like your OS and device . 

Also you can follow this topic too

Ranting will not help you here ?

Today crashed 2 times during ninja event-25 th and 28th island.

ign; buuks