RR2-fashionistas - what are you wearing today?

I am always wondering if my gear is good enough for my lvl or if there are some interesting thoughts on choosing the gear.

so here is my outfit and i hope some more players like to share.

king lvl: 80

morale (? dont know enhlish wording): 8.093

health points: 12.531

helmet: moral: 2.655; poison shield: 2.340

cape: moral: 3.131

shoulder: health: 1.683 fire shield: 1.945

armor: health: 6.872 fire shield: 2.019

weapon: attack: 232 ice damage: 144

gloves: attack: 188 fire damage:161

ring: + 12% gold

belt: + 11% gold

boots: + 21% speed

so i like the poison and fire damage resistance which seems most important to me in many bases. ice damage at gloves helps against monsters, especially against ogres it is easier to avoid the clobbering.

i keep the gold stuff just because i dont have anything better. i realy would like to increase moral…

i usually wait for granny offers and buy them with gems from achivements i didnt cash in so far. occasionally i pay gor the gear if i dont have gems rdy and it is just a great improvent.

too lazy to write mine but in short I have leadership items on cape helm ring and belt with fire shield on both armor+pauldron total of 5k fire shield also 23.7% speed boots with ice damage on glove and sword.Not plannning to change the combo and hoping for better leadership gear on ring and belt.

The word you search for is “leadership” in the English version of the game :slight_smile:


Having leadership boost (or possibly hero scream boost) is something I can recommend.

Except that, depending on your raiding style, swapping out poison shield for fire shield or leadership might be something worth to try (as you can mostly dodge snake towers if you do it well)… but personal preference there…


Overally I think your stats are ok for your level. :slight_smile: