RR2 forum categories

:warning: Disclaimer: Since this is a RR2-related discussion but about forum feedback, I decided to put this topic into this category, but I think it is best if only RR2 forum members interact here, since they will be affected :wink: :warning:

Okay, so let’s start:

Hello :wave:,
So some feedback reached me from some RR2 community members, that would rather see RR2 have only one category or 2 categories.

When I set-up the categories for the forum I put a lot of thought into it, thinking about what would be the best set-up guaranteeing order but also encouraging discussions and bringing the best outcome for the forum functions and users. Due to heavy usage of the forum myself in the meantime and the feedback that reached me, I am willing to implement some changes. So I thought, hey why not ask you guys what you think about it :rr2queen:.

Ahead please note, I don’t want to reduce it to one category only. We would have about 11-12 subcategories then, and this would make it a bit full. Also the tags that would be required to implement this would display a looong list in the “create topic” menu, which I think will be unhandy and in the end cause more harm.

Thus, I am willing to reduce it to 2 main categories
“Official” and “Talk and Feedback”.

The first question I want to ask is:
Would you want to comment on official announcements? I would like to enable that feature, but I know in the last forum when I enabled it people complained that the “official announcement” category always showed up blinking and that led them to think a new official announcement happened. Let’s be honest here for me personally I would love to enable comments because I would not always have to open the same post twice. Since the new forum is better displaying new comments vs new topics, I think it would make sense to enable this. I then would put the old “latest updates”-discussion section into the general main category feedback that exists now and open comments for future updates in the official announcement section.

Please vote:

  • Open Official Announcements for comments on the announcements themselves
  • Let’s keep the comments separated from the official announcements via the “latest updates” discussion category.

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Then, depening on how this vote ends the first RR2 category would still kind of look the same:

Official (main category, User: read only) (no content in the main category, only in sub-categories)


  • Official News and Information (read) -> Depending on vote + comment

  • Q&A Developer Sessions (comment, read)

  • Official Game Guides (read)

Side note: Write means user can open a topic, read means user can read only and not comment, comment means user can read and comment on opened topics.

Now my proposal for the second category:

Talk and Feedback (main category, User: write, read, comment )** –
Topics in main yes, content here will be separated via tags by user: battles, blacksmith-granny, castle-defense, conquest, dungeon, events-blacksmith-and-more, other, pals-beasts-and-royal-guardians, pro-league-shop, wars-ninja
Note: The tags are not up for discussion. :wink:

Sub-categories :

  • Latest Updates – read/comment (remove or not remove depending on poll)
  • Planned balancing changes – read/comment
  • Ideas & Feature Requests – write/read/comment
  • Bugs & Technical Problems – write/read/comment
  • Forum Events - read/comment (thinking about moving this to the “official” category.
  • (Players helping Players) – write/read/comment (thinking about tagging all of these with “question” and just putting them in the main category “Talk and Feedback”, see 2. poll below because this tends to happen anyways that this is mixed up)
  • Community Creations & Stronghold – write/read/comment + tags: wiki-guide, video (Moving Guides from Players helping Players to here). Tag to use is optional, so that also topics like community member of the month can stay there.
  • Alliances, Recruitment & friend codes – write/read/comment + tags: looking-for-friends-friend-codes, looking-for-alliance-members, looking-for-an-alliance

So as you can see what I am proposing here is the merge of the current “Community Stronghold” and "Feedback section.

Therefore, the main question is:

  • Keep the 3 main categories as it is
  • Merge to 2 main categories as per the proposal above

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Now my sub proposals as described above need also voting:

  • Remove “Players helping Players” by just tagging them as “question” and add them to the main feedback section, just like “battles”, “conquest” and so on
  • Keep “Players helping Players” as a separate section

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  1. I am pretty sure I will do this, but basically it would be to move the “player-created wikis” to the Community Creator’s section and rename it “Community Creations”, then enable the tag “wiki-guide” and “video” in that section. This way users will not be confused anymore if they should put it there or there.
  • yes
  • no

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  • Move the “forum event” section to Official
  • Leave “forum event” section in the Feedback/Stronghold section

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I will leave the voting open for a week and then make my decision. Thanks for reading and voting. :smiley:

I have moved the “forum event” section to the official one, as requested. :slight_smile:
I have also kept players helping players as a separate section.
I have renamed the #royal-revolt-2-community-stronghold:Community-creations section (previously Creator’s corner) and this is now the section to post videos AND fan-guides (choose a tag when writing in that section). Those fan guides can also be coollaborative wiki guides (unlocked at trust level 2).

I will see when I have time to merge the 3 categories into 2, since this is a more complicated process.

I really don’t like the bug + ideas subs under the same umbrella as latests updates + planned balance changes (which are more “day to day” subs, discussion subs).
I actually feel they are cluttering that category.

Personally i would prefer to have “discussion” subs (latests updates, planned balance changes, players helping players, etc) toguether.
The old forum (now dead) accomplished this well (even though it lacked this forum’s new features).

Hello there,
Despite the vote, I will not adjust this for now. I think it would now cause more damage than help, because people assumingly just got used to the layout.
Thanks for your understanding.