RR2 Forum Changes

I’m sorry Madlen. I understand you put a lot of work into this new forum look and all, and I appreciate that you did that for us, but I seriously don’t think it needed to be done. It may LOOK more organized, but now it takes forever to get around! Especially General Discussions, I mean, it looks great, but I don’t see how it really helps. It’s a nightmare to try and find the topic you’re looking for. Instead of just tapping “General Discussions” and finding all the hot and important topics, you find 8-10 subforums. The change for official announcements was fine, but this…I’m sorry, but I just hate this

You just need some time of adaptation. That take me just 5 minutes. I know where to find all. Its better this way. If you look for War look in War. you search Beast you go in Beast. You search topic about Conquest you go in Conquest. After a while you will like it. I am pretty sure. Some people need more time to adapt than others person

I’m initially not liking the changes too but it’s just an adaptation issue, we need some time to get used to it.


The only problem is it takes a little more time to check everything that is being discussed now, because instead of just going to General Discussions and find all topics there we now have to go and check each subsection individually.

I really didn’t understand what you mean by: “It’s a nightmare to try and find the topic you’re looking for.” because it’s now easier than ever! ?

It is too difficult to find new discussions. Not so good for regular users who want to check whats going on in RR2.

If there is a new interesting hot topic you are not aware of,  you will not find it untill you visit that subcaregory by accident.

Also there probably will be a lot of moving of threads necessary. Sometimes more is not more. Must have been a lot of work to re-categorize everything. But i do not like it and dont think getting used to it will be the only problem here.

Please tag me if you answer in this thread. I like to read your opinion but am not sure I will find it again on my own. ?


P.S. I think we need a „General / Flare Criticism“ Category. This is too huge to put it into „General / Other“. At least it is a lot bigger than Granny who has her own category. ?

Oh, and where did the „Questions“ category go?

Sorry if this is off-topic, but see above. ?

 Sorry guys, I will not change it. It is way better structured like that. It is easier to look up feedback for the devs and easier to keep track of suggestions, feedback and discussions. Necromancering posts will be avoided as well. (And these are just some of the thoughts behind it). And to answer the questions category - is now players helping players. The previous question category was flooded with a mixture of bug/technical issues and actual game issues, but also with general discussion things. So it was totally necessary to open it up and break it down into what it should be - a player’s helping players with the game section. And I don’t think you guys need a complaint section, you will find a way for that anyways :wink:

Also I thought for example you AK - would really love the new creator’s corner, since you love to share your videos.

But there will always people who don’t like what I do and changes I implement, that’s just the life of a community manager, being the messenger for game decisions as well.:slight_smile:


A very unfortunate change. I think it is too much labeling fir the amount of traffic we have here.

Can we at least get an alternative view that shows the thread with the newest answers for a main category like before? I do not think I will visit here on a regular basis any if I have to check 40+ subcategories every time to see what is discussed. There is enough clicking and searching in the game already.

And sorry to say, but to me it looks a bit like criticism will be banned / hidden to General / Other. Many good people already stopped coming here. But soon it will be very labled, detoxed and **silent**. Look at this thread. Such an elemental change should have had more attention by now. Nobody is reading this.

@Madlen don’t get me wrong, I love the new Creator’s Corner. I think that’s a great new feature. And I totally understand that the change was to make it easier for the devs to look at. But, it still takes 5 times as long to find a discussion in General. I’ll give it a week or two and see if I can adapt :grinning:  

What I would like to know, is if, after all these forum changes making it a little harder to find topics, we can now tag members of the staff. I think it’ll be harder for the staff to find the hot topics now, so tagging should be allowed once again

No. I think I have proven that I read the forum and since I actually like the structure (who would have thought :grinning:

Okay, well, there’s just a ton of topics to check so I was just wondering :grinning:

Btw, congrats on 900 reputation points!

It is more organized, i like it  . Now i can see more post about feature that i missed. 

As someone who likes things neat and categorized, so far I’m somewhat overwhelmed by the new structure. It is definetly easier for Madlen/devs to have things organised by topic but it’s pretty uncomfortable to navigate as a regular user - while all it took before was to enter a section (e.g. general discussion) and scroll through recent entries, you now need to keep going in and out of sub sections of sub sections. It makes things much longer and convoluted.

Not bashing the format (if nothing else it’s tidy), it’s just gonna be a while to get used to it.

To do this in a professional way, Forum participation should be monitored closely. You can see if this is working or not.

I am suspecting, participation will be going down significantly with the new structure and you, Madlen strictly enforcing the new current way things are handled here. No matter how much work you put in it, it has to be changed in this case. Many players have put even lot more work in here - even without payment - some for several years. Most of those are already gone because Flare constantly changed the way this Forum was (mis-)treated. But maybe you only want the forum to look neat for the casual user and not have any regulars.

This detoxified, labeled and subcategorized current version you created (after just being here for a short time) is not a place for good discussions and ideas any more, IMO. Your job should be to categorize our input and pass it to the developers, not categorize our thoughts to be able to have a better way to handle and put us in drawers.

And frankly I am tired of reasoning any more. So many mistakes have been made by FG in the past. The players find out very fast what is working in the game and what is not. Most of the latest problems with conquest do not even have threads. People do not care to write here any more. They already do that elsewhere. Forums are just one possibility to talk and it is getting less and less important.

FG and KF have proved very often they can not get things right. And they did not want to listen to our input in the past. I can not see they are doing it now. Personally, I will not be wasting more time in making suggestions. It is the devs job to make a good game, not ours. Good luck repairing all the problems.




I don’t want to sound rude Madlen, but the forum should be nice and easy to read for users/forum members and a simple overview helps, that’s main task of the forums. And the new setup only makes it more complex. I used to read the forums a lot, but the previous structure was more easy for forum users.

Lesson number one for making a good user interface was to avoid multiple clicks to find what you are looking for. There is no simple overview any longer, we are forced to open subsections to take a closer look. For a user not having a global overview, is frustrating.

All I needed to check with previous forum structure was Main topic of the sections to see if there was new content or not. I even could immediately see in official announcements if keenflare had performed a server update or anything else by just watching the first screen. 

When some section had a date of a couple of days old, I just needed to open the sections with newer updates in a new Window. That’s one click to do so.

Now I have to open a subsection in a new Window, then investigate that first in the hope to find what I am looking for. More Windows, more open tabs in browser, it’s getting more chaotic this way. 

With more sub forums, people who wander get lost in the jungle of topics plus subtopics. Because forum members get lost in this, more and more topics will be opened, with same questions or purpose. 

Maybe it’s a matter of getting used to it, but I honestly like the previous structure more. 

From point of view of forum user, I don’t want to open main sections, investigate sub sections and then hope to find a topic in one of those sub branches. 

Hello all,

Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it. For now, the forum will remain in the new structure. Let’s see how it goes for a while :slight_smile:

Thanks and good day.