RR2 Future

The game is not getting more players.I can’t remember the last time we have 500k players.Currently at 600 trophies you’ll be around 250k rank.So theres about 100k active player, the rest just new player who we dont know will stay or delete the game after few days.


What is the plan here ? This is not looking good and it is worrying.For a start I think the game is too expensive to progress, you need to be in alliance and running an alliance is super expensive.


This dont include war cost for individuals.Scrolls are super costly, 10 battles could means at least 230 gems (one time warp one battle cry each raid) when we get only 375 gems every 3 days if we win the league.For paying player it is nothing but for free players its huge.


Game wont survive if free player cant progress.Game need free player, paying player need free player, FG need free player.They serve many purpose including promoting the game.


Isn’t it weird a good game like this have little player ?  Something is wrong and not fixed since a year.Even Clash of Clans suffer from lack of players now and they dramatically decrease cost to train army etc.This despite game being imo 100% possible for free players to progress to top.In RR2 free player cant progress.Many in top alliance rely on the whale to support funding alliance gold.Progress without leeching these whales are impossible for free players.


Do FG not have the intention to go big and happy to milk only the small group of players that each day only decrease in number ? That would be a shame


For me, even making it 3 raids per war battle is good.That’ll reduce need to spend gems on scrolls/CoF, so free player can survive better in war.This not just for top alliance, even lower alliance theres need for scrolls and CoF opening.


So Flaregames, what is the plan ? Should I walk away now because game will be left to die or will FG do something to attract more players ? Even if game die though, I will wait for RR3 lol DoS and OR is not my cup of tea


Game revolve around war and alliance now, both are expensive.I think that is clear enough which part need changes :grinning:  


Hoping for an answer from the RR2 team



When you put a lot of time and effort in the game like RR2, and when you see it dying slowly, you fell bad…real bad. 

RR3- would be a disaster if this game dies. Nobody will trust FG to invest this time and money in it. RR2 has to be kept alive and working for free players/paid players.

New spell, new units, new towers, single day events, campaign modes, new tower levels, new concepts all together…Let the wings of imagination fly.


BUT please reduce the upgrade times.  It is so boring just raiding and not doing anything. 

It will be a miracle IF:  1. Someone from Flare sees this and replies to this thread, 2. They actually are going to do some major changes with the game.

Miracles :slight_smile:

I don’t expext changes, for good reason but I do expect a reply.How do I get them to reply ?

Think Fii has described a very important point here. This game cannot exist without the free players. It also needs the paying players, cause flares is a business that needs income to go on.

RR2 is indeed stepping on one place for a long time. Even the game updates with new levels for everything didn’t assist much.

From my army times, I have learned a very important rule: Don’t go to the boss with the problem only. You probably know the inside situation much better than him, so you must also go with the solution/solutions.

Therefore, think we, as players cat pinpoint the most problematic issues with the game and their suggested solutions. By doing this, we can help Flares to improve the game.

Naturally, my suggestion as a free player will be less time consuming, less grinding and less P&W. Reducing gems costs of almost everything, or giving you a chance of getting more gems.


But to my opinion, the real problem with this game is HONESTY… Honesty towards your customers is for me rule #1 in business (if you want it to succeed for the long term). Flares are not honest with the players. Too many examples can be given, though Flares will understand exactly what am I talking about here.


Well, the most you (or we) can count on is Aether saying she “will forward the issue to the team”, lols. Not too much I guess.

The truth is, when any of you seen any developers reading RR2 forum, posting something here and there ? Long time ago in my opinion and only when there was some major drama regarding latest updates.

Eddy, has correctly spoken, we need to give solutions. However, until they really want a change will those solutions work? There are so many clues which players have posted on this forum, I have not seen them in action. Let’s hope FG wants to keep this game active for a long time.


Maybe I should create a drama then ?

Whatever you do, if someone has to change he will listen the first or at least the second time, not remain deaf and dumb for long.


I would suggest FG to open a simple thread.

Post your issues and problems regarding current challenges to make this game a gaming legend. Let your players discuss and gives solutions to those problems. If you can implement it then go ahead. That’s what is called shared governance and its a big success in any organization.





@Aether ?

I agree that everything is expensive as a free player myself, for me, I’ve only managed to get the starter package [worker+3rd spell slot & troop slot] (500 gems) and can only upgrade the alliance tower to level 6 (250 gems), and this includes the  one-time  gems I got from the dungeons and quests.

Without (buying) gems there’s no way to progress, or you will need a long time to progress. 

Workers are expensive, the alliance tower upgrades are too. There isn’t much incentive to play anymore, the excitement are becoming lower too, sad to say. How to get gems?

  • Complete offers (Windows Users :slightly_frowning_face:  )
  • Dungeon (Got them :slightly_frowning_face:  )
  • Quests (Used them on removing the ancient ruins :slightly_frowning_face:  )
  • Daily Rewards every 7 days (Hmm maybe like 10 gems?)
  • League (In Diamond suffering with 8 gems/3 days :slightly_frowning_face:  )

Just by look by looking at these huge amount of gems needed I look at mine and…  *sigh*   currentgems.PNG

I really hope there could be better ways to get gems, or that everything costs less to make it more playable for us, so I suggest having Daily Quests, not just having Daily Rewards, that will help players get more gems daily. 


Problem:  Cost of playing too high, difficult for free players to progress, spenders have to spend a lot to keep up

Solution:  Have more options of getting free gems, preferably through activity to get players to play, example : Daily Quests.  

I know that once the costs are decreased, like alliance tower upgrades are decreased (by 50% or more), many players could now boost their alliance easily, and the top alliances will have more difficulty in keeping up. Maybe there should be a full analysis about this, maybe Flaregames just want to reward spenders more by having a gap between them and the free players to make their money worth.

After all, lets say the upgrade, scrolls, all the costs are decreased significantly , the incentive for the spenders will partly be gone. Right now the spenders are just buying gems for the alliance tower, war, and maybe league, nothing else much. Flaregames, or like other game developers, is probably scratching their head and thinking, hmm how do we reward the spenders and encourage them to spend a little constantly? Sad to say and hate to admit, it feels like the game is coming _ to an end _, everyday for me is just raiding and trying to get enough gold to upgrade a wave, or a barricade. 

So how to keep the game fresh? I’m sorry that this might be choking up this thread a little, but still it concerns the future of RR2, hope I’m not off topic :stuck_out_tongue:  

Something that constantly resets , so that the game wont stop progressing at some point in time. From what I see now, the top few alliances only have the best gold boosts, top few players on the leaderboard get the highest medal boost for the league to get gems… hmmm… No point in getting more gems when you spend gems to reach all the way to the top right? I have read a suggestion saying the league’s top score should reset every month or so, this helps, in my opinion. Now there could be a ‘Top Player in the Diamond League’ quest that only allows a player to complete it a month, surely it would have some competition here.

Also, they could implement a feature where the alliance as a whole  donates a certain quota , players will get their share of gems based on their donations, and this could be reset monthly/weekly depending. Not just motivating players to donate, but also prevent the players from leeching the alliance to get the bonus. Ok was off topic a little, the alliance could have a monthly leaderboard itself for donations , no particular rewards, but perhaps fame to the alliance and put into history where players can view them. Then now players could use their gems to speed up the donation cooldown or buy the donation (pretty ironic), and hey! More spending options for gems! (Not trying to encourage spending here though :confused: )

Ok ok summary of the summary:   Keep the game fresh, easy for everyone to play, even free players can play too , hope Flaregames can take this into consideration! :slight_smile:  

I see this thread as a serious problems that players are having, I am quite disappointed how the officials are not even replying even when so many so many people complaining/ suggesting. I was expecting atleast “we are looking forward to your suggestions” type of compliment.

Lower the price of gems…this will help the borderline players who wants to buy but do not want to spend so much. Those already paying players will continue to buy but will get “more”. 

Allow some “offline” side games or quests for players to earn gems/pearls or whatever. The game can only be played online and that sucks! 

One of the biggest complains is the leagues! put the similar level players in the same league and not put newbies with 100+ level players…so stupid.

Just make it fun and “easier” to play the game…FOR EVERYONE!

@EXtremezz Alliance tower 6 no not at this point but its true If I win like 13 Platinum league or more since 2 month its because you must farm medals day and night but its not too hard when you are level 90+ if you have good gear and well leveled in spells and units you can find people who give 300 or 535 medals. With Platinum League you can win like 1K or more in 2 month for me its not bad.

Right now I am level 93 sure you must make a choice when you are free player me I have a choice between 4th melting slot or 4rd worker and I choose the 4th melting slot for have more pearls and right now I upgrade my tower at level 9 at 150K. Still to me 100 gems and I win the platinum right now in 4 hours for 175 gems. Still to me the 1,000 with morales in castle guard and later with more Platinum league win and some gems in defense I gonna be able to up my tower at level 10 for 250K donation

I must count all gems I have wasted in resurrection,remove ruin,apocalypse,etc… from the beginning maybe 1,000 or 2,000 gems wasted for nothing its not impossible to have 5th slot melting,or 5 or 6 workers, or Alliance Tower level 11 at 500k when you are Free players

just depend what you do with your gems and if you win a lot of league or never participate in league and never win gems. For me the game its ok like this for the Gems. Later when you have a really strong base you can wake up a morning like today and see you have gain 10,20 or 30 gems in defense. If you got that each night can gain you like 1,000 gems in a month.Plus in War Season if your defense stop all people you cna gain 100,200 or more during 4 days X 3 War Season maybe 600 or 1000 more. Its not impossible to get 2,000 gems in a month


Good choice with the 4th melting slot Warrior. Success in the diamond :slight_smile:

Despite all the problem, free players will already survibe if alliance tower cost 50% less than what it is now imo


Cheaper ally tower means more player can upgrade it which leads to more alliance able to fund boost.This ensure better game experience and better chance to compete also.


And league gem award really should be increase, say 500, 250, 175, 50, 50 and the rest 25 for diamond league.8 gems in 3 days count for nothing, not even lne scroll lol

care to share who are those whales you’re talking about?

Very interested in this thread. I certainly don’t want RR2 to die. Players are retiring/leaving at a rapidly increasing pace. It’s not a sustainable trajectory.

@Aether @Aether @Aether


Unfortunately snof, FG dont seems to be interested.They are busy focusing on newer games like DoS OR and Nonstop Knights :slightly_frowning_face: