Road to end this game!? why FG didn’t fix it game, now all bases easy, more members forge towers +80 time but cant use now,player with lvl 50 easy got perls from pro league reward and forge spells and easy kill top 10 bases,
so why we unlocked blacksmith slots? for low levels come and kill top bases and make lol!?
why FG change def balance before war start? and why FG again change after war finish? for peoples scroll in war! top ranks make bomb towers +100 time forge and flare give to low levels bomb kick arua ring for kill top bases! 
now many peoples don’t login to game and stell silent. 
GIVE fast UPDATE to all towers and other defence .
we hope flare game add birthday cheast during war to. 2 years ago flare team add forum event and festival for birthday but now only 1 cheast with noob items and rewards.

I already wrote in technical support that my base of 5000 trophies easily defeats 3300 trophies. they gave me information from FAQ about the trophies and that’s all. 

I contacted the attacker and asked how he so easily defeats me, and he replied that the base is too simple and my wolf is very weak (7 lvl beast! very weak…)

finally it has ended 

all base are sample and easy,dosent matter how many forge you did,only strong is lvl10 wolf beast! and there is not much fun in ninja and other seasons in game.this game need somethings new to surprise players.festivals and chests are not  new ,hower rr2 birthday finish with 1 chests with stuiped rewards.

Seems this is the end for RR, CM absent reply till now to even answer a simple question? whether if there is any update or a community event is coming is so difficult to reply a simple yes or no… Honestly the RR2 B’day Chest was disappointing…

Okay, game is over. One Alliance clearly won the game. :wacko:

Flare gave in to all their demands and gave them the possibility to get stronger and stronger with money. It is their right to (ab)use the system like they do. But it is Flares fault to let such things happen. No more real competition. Bo - ring!

I warned about the gap before. And do not even get me started about them levelling up other alliances to 80 to have more allies in their stupid vendetta against Apoc/RL.


money is everything in game or real life, with money you can speed up everything,but that’s not all,if you see all top 10 is only vl or apo or rl  that not because just of money.top players didn’t play so much this game,no one attack any other top player and you see all tops are same every day

First, congratulations on the post. Finally I found someone else who sees the truth about that game.

I’ve been saying that for a long time. It’s ridiculous they call it balancing.
Players with years of play, hundreds of thousands of gems and pearls invested have no way to defend themselves against other players who even forge their units and still have several units that are not even at the maximum level. It needed only one single combo to be able to beat any base.

Every time a defensive structure becomes effective a maintenance appears and destroys this structure.

They create new content just to say that there is something new being that eternally an ogre and knight combo can knock down any base. What is the purpose of having new towers and units?

After spending a lot on lightning towers they increased the bladestorm’s range absurdly and cluelessly. Once upon a time the lightning towers, barricades and blockades…

They created the Vikings and basilisk. They kill nothing. Just bullshit…

The bomb towers and skulls were decimated by the aura of kicking bombs.

Behold, there is a confusion aid in the firebolt to bring hope. They launch a defense boost event, they make us spend a lot of gems improving these towers and two days later they answer the dozens of weeping noobs and destroy this tower more.

So which tower to use? Arrows?

This game is not going to end because it is over. Who spends his gems and pearls on defense just throws them in the trash. This is the meaning of balancing for them. Your base be forever a playground for players of any level.












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And the ranking is the biggest lie of the game. The ranking only says who has more accounts to drop trophies.

Come join Olympus Rising 100x better than this game

Sorry, LordReptile. Of course you (being amont the current Top 10) have a different view.

But please think about how this looks for other players. This is not normal any more. No motivation to rise if you see this.
Without the playerbase, the top is nothing.

The real question is how long will RR2 last? For how long will it have enough players and generate enough income?
Is Flare doing enough to keep it alive? That answer is very simple for me: NO, THEY ARE NOT!

Sorry, no flare again.  :grinning:

Same here. Too much disrespect for players.
Never ever again!

we wait for administrator answer us about this

another game from flare and answer is no

good luck

you tried? you would be surprised


Olympus Rising really is WAY better than RR2, much more active I think

I know its not normal and its because no one is strong enough to stay in top 10,all players who is in top 10 that because just because of dump and because of family alliances.