Rr2 makes me sad

What happened to our beloved game? So this Pro-League (Fire & Ice May 2019) seems like a fool to me … Giant Mortar, Jesterbox with an epic range and mega harm :joy: then even this insane speed of the hero! Then this conquest where you still best 24/7 online may be :roll_eyes: with 0 variety or quests! The war season is being overhauled … heeyyy cool … oh right in at least 6 -7 months. What gave me a bit of hope were some new features of the 5.0 version but quickly faded again. All in all, RR2 is now just boring due to its immensely high level of difficulty and very little new! In July 2019 I play for 5 years and that’s why it makes me sad to write something because it was the hottest game ever. Written by Rentel and translated by google. P.S. If anyone says “Then leave the game!” No, I will not do that I have invested too much time and money and the hope dies last, as you know! Greetz Rentel


PL is toooooooo hard this time :triumph::triumph::triumph:

I will not play this league, it is no fun so … but a game strike doesn’t interest anyone. :pensive:

Is it a case or players prefer to play easy Pro League seasons?

The pro league should be stated yet, but this was really “unfair” :thinking: