RR2 memes


I thought next to the fun moment’s thread for RR2, which is mostly in-game screenshot focused - it would be great to have a meme section for RR2 memes. I mean memes that are made to work with the world of RR2 :slight_smile:

I love memes, so I can’t wait to see your ideas :wink:





LOL @orko it seems you have just waited for a chance to post all of the memes! Let the meme wars begin! :wink:

Yup, Office-Warlord orko at your service.

There can never be enough RR2 memes!


How did I do for my first RR2 meme^^


So true @KKStar

4 panels, KK?

don’t you find that a bit cerebral for a meme?

(see discord for my personal RR2 art. they wont let me post pics at the forum anymore)

<wipes tear

let’s see. ill try…