RR2 & Samsung Galaxy S8

I’m going to by new phone, galaxy s8 like the tileille says.

Does RR2 fillari up the whole screen, so that there sony be Anu xtra Black edeges around the screen, when using qhd+ resolution? 

Also, Does anyone have experience how RR2 will look like with galaxy s8, because of the rounded corners. Does anyone have any xperience with that?, will it work fine, of is there any problems because of rounded edes, like losing scroll buttons on to of the rounded screen? 

Also, i want to make new Google account for my new phone, how can i move my account to that new Gmail account? Is that what the “transfer account” funktion is for? 

I use the Galaxy S7 Edge, for almost 1 year now. And I have 0 problems with the “edge” screen being uncomfortable.


Just got my s8 last week, full screen gaming is awesome

Haha I am waiting for the next note. I loved my Note / but sadly had to return it and get the S7 Edge. As I now have this, the improvement to the Note 8 doesn’t seem to be that much. So it’s not worth it for me to get it.

When I bought the Note 7 I only had the Note 3 and that was absolutely worth it :wink:

I  got my galaxy s8. What a great device. Small enough to fit in hand properly and the screen is big enough for good viewing of  vids, www, rr2 and so on. I would recommend s8 for anyone.

As for the RR2, no problems with the curved screen. Not sure how s7 would work though, as it has more curve than s8. 

My performance in battles actually got better with my s8, maybe because no more lags. Rr2 should work fine with slower device too, I started playing with lumia 435 (49€ device), but with a good device playing is more enjoyable and game works as it should.


It works perfectly fine. Feels like it’s always been like this. There was a seemless feeling changing from my Note 3 to the S7 Edge.

And you are so right. Crisp graphics on cutting edge devices and no lags when you are uusing mass knights.