RR2 Super Party

Hello Dears

When I was having breakfast in the morning the parti came to my mind and I want to ask. 

(my mother prepared me hot dogs. I think she must have forgotten that I am a vegetarian.)

Well, I wonder there are players from every region of the world in this game. so most people have a long chat and have fun.

I think it would be great if rr2 super party is done once a year. we have the opportunity to meet super players from all over the world. 

(Meanwhile, my dog odie smiles at me, the lunatic girl :P)

I’m sure we will have a lot of fun at the party.

Hey, Is not that great? I think this organization should support Flare Games.

Hey Madlen, I think you can tell this idea to friends. 

I look forward to your ideas.

That actually sounds really fun! One week of all the players in one big alliance!! Would be a boatload of fun!

Btw, hot dogs are the best!