RR2 Tutorials, tips & tricks by TURK KARDEŞLER



Wow, really cool video man!

Thanks for the preview, I was really curious about how Nemesis was after the patch.

Keep them coming, great job! :grinning:

You Are Welcome. all the videos shared by the Turkish brothers will now be here with you.Your support and suggestions are welcome. 


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Very nice videos!! Very informative

Thank you.

welcome here in the forum @sizcoksunuzBenTurk

nice to have you here :slight_smile:

you are one of the guys i follow, here is the creators list and you link inside too   ?


Thank You. :D  I’m so glad you like our videos.

thanks for watching.have a good game. 

I’ve always liked your videos. You, FTB, and Pellez are what inspired me to start my own channel!

I'm so glad . If you install channels I'll subscribe to you immediately

Hi there,

Welcome to the forum! And thanks for sharing your videos ?

thank you. 


Here you go!

Welcome to this forum, @sizcoksunuzBenTurk of Turk Kardesler! From today we have a reference youtuber, after Pellez and Flothaboss’ retirements. 

Thank you ?


Hey Turk, how are you?

I noticed some of your videos have cool information… or even the gameplay tests you do are already neat. Congratz on those once more :grinning:

Would you be ok, if I put some of your videos on the wikia pages?

They may help other players after all hehe

PS: This would be an embbed youtube video, so you’d still get views and perhaps even subscribers who knows? :slight_smile:

Thank You. No Problem Share Links To My Videos Different Platform.Thanks For Watching. Have  A  Nice Day