RR2 whatsapp stickers

Hey guys,

I have made some stickers for whatsapp based on RR2. We in our alliance in our WhatsApp group use these stickers alot. So today i want to share them with you all to have a good time with group chats :sweat_smile:

Below i am attaching some samples.

To deploy the stickers to whatsapp you might need an app. I use this app for it.

And the link for sticker packs :


If you like it…comment down… and if you want more of them just shoot the ideas at me here.

Have a good day :slight_smile:


That’s pretty sick… Amazing Work!!! This is real creative way to chat… Haha… Awesome…


Thanks for the appreciation. BDW are you using them… tell me your experience :blush:

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Awesome work !


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eh… not really… My alliance doesn’t have any extra messaging group on the outside… If we want to talk about game, we do it ingame… But I really like the sticker emojis… And I am eager to use them…

The collection is huge and looks dope… The meme stickers are damn funny… :joy::joy::joy:

Awesome Work…

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verified and approved :rr2queen:

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