RR2 Wikia is becoming deprecated

Flare if you care so much of sharing the Wikia RR2 link on Twitter why you don’t give the same attention on giving some new values every time you change something, just look around in the wikia the amount of tables that are empty or wrong. Why Flare should share a website with empty or wrong tables, right?  :slight_smile:

Please don’t share RR2 Wikia giving hopes to users to find something that they can’t find!



Your work is much appreciated.

Many complex games has its own wikia or gamepedia to provide much needed info for players, to maintain a healthy, knowlegeable and loyal player base.

Time to make oPelle’s life (and some others) easier. He is contributing to the game success free of charge! (Well, some ads. But not paid by Flare! )

You doing a great job OPelle!


One up for Opelle.


There is a mistake in the wikia: firestorm can reach level 15 (and not until level 14) if the wizard’s tower is at level 10.

Special thx to opelle.   Along with flothaboss videos. ,. This Wikia helped many many folks.   Including me.   He deserves special credit

Go and correct it yourself!

@flaretara I’m still looking for a response. I don’t like leave things at half. I know it’s not your interest nor your priority as well as for the teams there. But i’m not a fool and for who is interested here i will officially stop to update the Wikia in 1 week from today.

Maybe they aren’t telling because they themselves don’t know. :mellow:

thx Opelle, me I learnt sooo much regarding your effort.

Feeling for @oPelle here. :slightly_frowning_face:

It will be a great loss if he stops working on the Wiki, but I can totally understand his reaction.

All the endless work… Take the effort to ask other players to collect which value something has at a certain level, for example… Just think of that part alone!
Think of how many tables there are! Which all need care after every update or those unannounced changes we had in the past!

There has to be an easier way. Sooo sad there is not even an answer by @flaretara, @Archimedes, @FTB, @PaSte or some of the others by now. That is pure Ignorance!
If 2018 will be as desasterous in terms of communication and understanding of the players needs as it was in 2017, I do not see a long future for this game.

Also, you can not count on other people stepping in on the Wiki work with this no-information politics from Flare.
Soon we will hear: “Be careful with the Wiki, it might be outdated”.

The last bit of transparency in this game will be going down the drain. Flare can make more unrecognized changes to maximize players spendings or produce more dumb bugs and nobody will have a chance to notice. :angry:

Flaregames said that we should “look forward to a fun year with new changes”. I wonder what these are. And will they announce them :lol: 

Everyone understand the reaction of Opelle and understand his feeling about the wikipedia of RR2. Its very sad to see Flare don’t care about this and refuse to share all the necessary info. its really disgusting from their part. We understand if he stop working on it. Honestly who will not?

@PaSte @flaretara @Nikko Hello can you ask and show this topic to Flare please. Flare time to wake up a little bit and care more about all. Don’t ask why your company are where is are right now so close to die. Neglect and ignore all for too much time.

Opelle have work so hard on this. Flare come on you can help him finish to build this wikipedia. that take 5 minutes to share your info its not the end of the world 5 minutes of your time. C’mon be more serious  

Sorry to read of your frustration, oPelle  :unsure:

I guess Flare has an ambivalent attitude towards the wiki. Originally they didn’t intend for so much transparency to be available, but wanted players to find out these things themselves. By now, they’re probably proud of the community they created around their game, including the wiki that has become an astonishing resource, thanks to your hard work.

I believe it would be in their best interest to keep the wiki up to date. Even if they don’t like it (which I doubt) – they can either have an up to date wiki or an outdated one.

They might just not know what to do with it. It’s not an official resource they own and companies have a hard time dealing with something like this. The problem might be as simple as no one being in charge of dealing with this (and no one taking initiative). It’s not personal, it’s just a matter of organizational limits.

In any case, oPelle, you’ve built something great, something to be proud of. Thank you for all your hard work over more than three years!

If they are proud of their community, they have a strange way of showing that.  :huh:

I think it is not the first time oPelle asked for information for the Wiki. Those „organizational weaknesses“ of Flaregames were spotted and pointed out on the forum many times before. Especially since they do not manage to find somebody for the important and still vacant position of Customer Management. So, this can not be excused any more. Lets face it, there is a lot of laziness involved.

The truth is- opelle did great

but who need this wiki?

martin posted well. Agree100%

Obviously not people like you, who already got the big picture.  :lol: :lol: :lol:

For lovers of statistics (unfortunately there aren’t bronze/silver/gold/platinum/diamond league leaderboards, weekly/monthly Pro League leaderboards, ninja/zombie/yeti event leaderboards, war season leaderboards, individual/alliance global trophy leaderboards).

RR2 Wikia has 3-4K views daily.

I guess many need it ^^

Because most of questions can be answered looking through the Wikia, that’s why it’s useful.

I am confused by flare.   They have tweeted this Wikia link officially to promote the wikia so that folks understand the game better.    Then why not help opelle.

I love the wikia and refer it off and on even though I am an experienced player now.   It needs support from flare if they use the link on their Twitter handle.  Else they should not use it