If you could help me out, I was wondering how much time does it take to construct a snake tower and how much for skull. Also, what is the best way to defeat warewolves?


I don’ know But time of snake is about 7-8 and time of skull is about 2 day.

Skull Tower level 1 : 2 day

Skull Tower level 2 : 3 day

Skull Tower level 3 : 4 day

If use Froster or Moratar to defeat that But if you have sonic blast you can decrease XP.


till now

snake tower first building is 4 hr for 750k

lvl 2 6h45m for 1M gold

lvl 3 13h30m for 1,5M gold

is skull tower better than firebolt tower?

Depends who attacks you, what are the levels of their spells and troops. If I were to choose to encounter a level 5 skull tower or level 5 firebolt tower i would probably prefer skull tower as it’s quite susceptible to blunt and frost addons on weapons and gloves, which means i can save the spells. But if i were to choose between level 9 towers I would probably prefer firebolt tower as I can leave it to pyromancers and the skull tower at that level has so much health that even a max level sonic blast doesn’t destroy it. Overall, it’s good to have a combo of both and recently Snaketowers too.

thanks,  :slight_smile:

Skull Tower is the best Tower for countering group of Troops, all of troops can be vanish by only one single Skull Tower. But easy to be destroyed by the King, even kick bomb back.

Firebolt Tower is most annoying Tower, Very long range attacking, hard to reach, destroy Cannon easily, but attack only one target. Likely to slow raiding.

Snake Tower is Anti-King Tower, not good for defending base from Troops but can kill King very quickly.

is skull tower the improved version of bomb tower?


You can call better version.

More bomb, more damage, more quick to explode, but shorter at range.

range is everything to me, that’s why i love firebolt towers!


Some Tactic can make it change. Even Skull Tower have shorter range than Cannon but Cannon can be destroyed.

Such as use blockade to lure cannon and troops to hit it, with Skull Tower on other side can take all of them out.

On the other hand, Firebolt Tower may take just one of them.


Or Make combo with Firebolt Tower can counter either Cannon and Pyromancer.

If only Firebolt Tower can be destroyed by Pyromancer easily.