I think it’s time to lay off the complaining and talk about new stuff while eating popcorn. Do you think there will ever be a royal revolt 3? It’s kind of hard imagining what it would be like because of alliance problems and stuff like dat. And do you think many people will be there to play royal revolt 3? Give me your opinions and answeres!

Probably not anytime soon. If it does happen it would be 2+ years away I say. The reason they went RR2 is they wanted to make a multiplayer game since that is where the money is at. I think they are doing really well financially with RR2 to say the least and don’t see them abandoning it anytime soon. Again all speculation as I have no inside knowledge, heck they could be working on it now! LOL

i dont think rr3 ever comes out… if flare goes on like this,  by the time rr3 would come out most players quit the game cause of bad decissions on flare side.

game is getting too hard to be fun most of the times ,  its all about gems now,  if you dont have gems there is no fun anymore . so i think rr3 wil never happen.

People could say I am a party pooper… well, why do I think so… because I really think rr2 is just getting so boring, specially for free users we can’t do anything with no gems. Diamond league is just to hard, and now with elite boots is even worse trying to raid one of those bases. And yeah I may be also able to activate some elite boots but as I said before I’m a free as well as my alliance partners are, so whether we like it or not we have to pick between upgrading our r alliance or activate elite boots.

Every single upgrade flare is implementing in game always goes on getting new ways to make people spend more money and f you can’t do so well well well que mierda enserio que rabia tan Grande la que me producen estas personas… Rr2 is a nice game… Flare gams knows it but they must always remember that we users are the ones that make this possible… We shared this game with our friends, we also like it on facebook, we are the ones that thumbs up.

Any way. Flare does not take us into account… Changing gems regards… Making impossible dungeons… Only the leader of the alliance can activate elite boots if any other member wanna he\she has to spent real money… And yeah free food for windows users…


You see everything was perfect just before the moment flare started using facebook as a way to get free food… Where are those glorious days I really miss them…

RR2 has a lot of things to show, so RR3 can wait !

I am an average player, I win some tournaments, my dungeons are yet not complete, but I’m still enjoying

same here! :wink: