rrors in the game. Missing crystals

Hello. Dear developers, have a error, please fix it.

In defense, I wanted to destroy the ruins. I found that it costs 10 crystals (although earlier it was 25, because I used this feature). I thought that the game eventually simply reset the counter, and decided to remove some of the ruins. The cost of each was 10-12 crystals. But then I saw that I had to write off about 300 crystals. Maybe even more, I do not know exactly. Probably, at the old price. But it was written in 10, so I used the destruction of the ruins. Please fix this problem and give me back my crystals, because I bought them and hoarding.
My nickname in the game: MrSinner


The more you break, the more the next one costs. 

Ex. First one  is 10, once you break it, your second costs 20, the third 35… And so on… 

I have 4 left, and costs 100 to break.

So its not an error or game bug mate

I understand that every time is more expensive. But I found that the price of 10 crystals (though had to be 25, I was the last time so do not destroy the ruins). The error lies in the fact that the 10 shown, and each time (once was 12). That’s why I ispolzoval and actually 3-4 ruins I shot 300 crystals.

I thought it was the way it should in math games. And it was written that I have lift 10 crystals (4 ruins just like it was 47: 10, 10, 12 and 15 show). And in fact, it has removed the usual cost. Therefore, it is an error, please respond and return the crystals.

That is, in your opinion, if I wrote that to demolish the ruin is 10 crystals, and actually shot 25, then it’s not a bug? And then even more abruptly, instead of 10, 35 takes, and so on (I do not know exactly what it costs, because I did not show it). And then even more expensive. Therefore, I ask to return, because I bought the service at a specified value in the crystals. You can bring back even those ruins everything to be honest.

Hello Mr Sinner,

Please get in touch with the support at http://support.flaregames.com

They will be able to look into your issue and help you further :slight_smile:

Thank you. I wrote to the support

If the image said “30” and after you demolished it actually wrote off more, then yes, its not normal. 

I demolished quite a few and i just shared my experience with you mate…

Hope you get a solution… ? 

Please check out my request. I do not answer for a long time and there is no reaction. REQUEST #15033