Runes flaws with towers

We all know how hard is it to get the spell and units runes to lvl 6.but the tower rune is ridiculous it takes years to make it lvl6 and you only got 1 tower. I think we need to appy the rune at the inventers workshop and all the corrosponding towers will be influwenced or not it will take more than dacades to make a whole defence with lvl 6 runes. My other advise it to make the runes super common like earning gold every time you attack you get a bunch of tower runes and the upgrade needs to be cheaper maybe insted of 5 runed become 1 new rune maybe 3 runes will do it and maybe each lvl has a new thing unlocked and the previous lvl’s ability.

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A good idea. The prices of the runes are huge and these runes give nothing …

We need to forge each tower individually , so it’s logical we need to rune them individually.
We don’t need to have all of them assigned a level 6 rune.

Forging is ok but geting a lvl 6 rune is not it takes alot of effort to get lvl 6 rune but next to no effort to forge a tower compared to the rune