Running with swords -Lvl40 Alliance--English speaking

Are you looking for a stable, friendly and supportive alliance?  Running with swords, led by ThomasMaxxReborn,  is a lvl 37 alliance with a solid core of mature players. Elite boosts activated for war, ninja and festivals. King lvl 70 and 100k donation is preferred but not required. For those looking to advance, RWS is the boot camp alliance for Unleashed rebels of which I am a general. Requirements for rebels are king lvl 90 and 500k donation.

Two members of Running with swords moved up to Unleashed rebels. Have open slots for new players. Permanent boosts include Blazing Knight and Power Archer. Come join a solid team.

Okay. That makes 20 free slots.

Looks like Unleashed Rebels took more players than it is good for your alliance…


Yes RWS has 20 open slots. They find a home for players to grow. Those that are left want to be there. One member even turned down an invite because he absolutely loves being in RWS. I was leader for six months before turning it over to ThomasMaxx and he runs the alliance with thought and dedication to player advancement.

Running with swords has the following beasts…Savage Tammy level 2, Twisted Archimedes level 2, Primal Howl level 2, Vicious Bucky level 1, Primal Growl level 1, and are 4 pals away from Kaiser.

Update to Running with swords. Continuous boosts include knight and archer. They also have level 1 Kaiser beast.

Be careful when “running with swords”, you can cut yourself :wink:  

What can I say AwesomestKnightest, they enjoy living dangerously.  :slight_smile:

I am looking for an English speaking alliance. I am currently in a German speaking alliance and can’t understand a single thing. Little or no interpretation. ? however, very friendly. Attached are my specs. Also attached are my current alliance spec.



Trunnion is a good leader, I was a general with him in Running with Swords about a year ago.  He gave me my first general status. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much Rocky. Glad to see you doing well and in finding your home with Kreator.

@TRuNNioN I’m terribly sorry. I thought I replied to a post in “Looking for alliance”, if you can delete my post please do so. 

Update to Running with swords

Sustained boosts include - Blazing Knight, Power Archer and Strong Barricade.  Storm cannon added for wars and ninja events. Only a few slots remain. Come join a friendly and supportive team!

Update to Running with swords: we will be upgrading our alliance to level 38 after the war, limited slots available. Come join a growing team!

Running with swords is now level 38. Continuous boosts include level 7 Blazing Knight and level 5 Power Archer. Strong Barricade and Storm Cannon added for wars. We have defensive beasts available (see above).  Only 3 spots open. Now is the time to join.