Rushing defense. Good or bad.

So I’m throne room 8 and going to 9. I’m really wanting to hit 10 for the pro leauges. I’m maxing out all of my offense (troops and spells) and maxing out every building except defense buildings. Is this a good idea for now. I’m trying to get strong offensively and I see no point in defense right now as literally any person in the game (even a top player) could destroy me at any I’m trying to get strong offensively and get into the pro leagues for now. Good idea or bad?

I would suggest putting a lot of time into upgrading defense structures. It’s very important to have a strong defense

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Sure, get throne room level 10 as soon as possible. Unlocks extra levels of other buildings and allows you to participate in the pro league.
Most players focused first on offense anyway, but if you want a certain trophy level (for ninja events) or hope to get some gems in war, don’t neglect your defence.

Remember, keeping the gold in your treasury low when you log off is your best defence  :grinning:

yep…actually, the last thing you said is a good point. That may be why Flare put granny in the game after all  :stuck_out_tongue:

The requirements to participate in pro league is only Throne Room lvl 10. All participants in pro league have same stat so you don’t have to maxed your offensive spell and troops or the other buildings.

If you have a goal to participating in pro league you can focus your workers job there and while to do that you can upgrade your spell, troops, etc that don’t need any workers. However, after your TR reach lvl 10 stop there, then you can focus to the other buildings and your defensive to raise your trophy and have more experience in the game especially for Ninja event.

Conclusion: It’s not bad for now.

Good Luck! ?

Yes, offense takes priority. This game is built around being able to attack others, you will grow faster this way.

Only thing in defensive is to make sure you are always upgrading waves. Build your defense up when you can, offense is priority.

As most people said focusing first on offense is good as it will allow you to get better rewards (level up faster, more gold, etc). But in the end you shouldn’t neglect your defense as it will lower your tophies in the long term, and building a strong defense really takes time (especially the perking part). FYI most players above 5000 trophies have all their defensive building / stuctures maxed, but the defenses of top player are way harder than the ones at 5000 trophies, because they are way much more perked (and the ones at 5000 are often already nicely perked).

Don’t neglect waves neither as it takes a ot of time to max it.

I’d much rather have something to invest the excess gold into that I could cash in for profit when necessary, rather than throwing it away for granny to clean her beast’s p**p with. ^_^

I recommend doing defense too, since so many things take time. At least get your defensive to the point where you can perk them because it takes a long time to get 70perks on everything.  

I suggest to look first if your wallet can support the game?

Give your prime attention on above mentioned point. You can wait to upgrade other defensive buildings but never neglect this. 

Also don’t waste ur gold on rubbish defensive buildings ( like arrow tower, etc). Focus on Skull, heal, poison(frost too),basilisk, lightening and firebolt once u unlock them. (bomb tower and gargoyle nest are waste if ur alliance can’t afford the boost.)