{RW}Raging Warhearts

We are lvl 23 alliance for now, but will upgrade to lvl 25 before next war.

players over 2,000 trophies & donations 50k+ are needed to fill our ranks!


We make wars our first priority, and we are rising fast to the higher ranking.

we need ACTIVE players to join our ranks!


alliance rules are simple; donate daily & fight in all wars!


we offer you 24/7 blazing knights, and after we rise up to lvl 25 we will also offer you 2nd 24/7 boost,

what boost will that be? we will discuss it in our alliance chat and let our members choose!


we are quite new alliance, but we have won all our warseasons for now, and continue on winning!

so you will also have +3 warboosts available at all times!



… and we also like to plan our war attacks much, so if you love boosts, want to be a member of a winning alliance,

and just want to be boosted good 24/7 {RW}Raging Warhearts is the place for you!


we will recruit new members until the next war-season starts, so be fast so you can join us!! :wink: