rwcup my account


Pleaae i m french i m send information for recup my account how many days? Thx

About 1 week



As I told you yesterday, it won’t take more than one day to recover your account :slight_smile:

One members say one week!!

One moderator say me swnd the receip the purchase i m send and this moment 0news… I m not undeestand

Usually during the night they don’t work :stuck_out_tongue:

As I told you inPM, you will get an answer within 2 hours :slight_smile:

Give them time to drink coffee first  :wink:

Coffee? *_* And jean? Wasn’t here yesterday to help the dungeon people, you’ve send me already about ~5 messages, so I will write you later to overwrite it.

But please don’t spam here. :slight_smile:

Hello i m sorry lisa i have uninstall and install i m wait the news aether say ine the day

I said one week because restoring my account always took about a week…

Rwcup my account so pls rwcup my account

1st king name rajanikant 2nd king name rajanikant1

Hey Rajanikant :slight_smile:


Please send a ticket to the support:

Please also note this is the weekend, so you will get an answer on Monday :grinning: