sabuzawarriors looking for committed, strong Warriors!!

sabuzawarriors  are looking for 4 new strong committed Warriors as of right now. We just kicked out 4 members for severe lack of War participation. In our Alliance WAR Participation is a ABSOLUTE MUST! You must do AT LEAST your top 3 battles in every war. If you do not, you will be kicked pure an simple. We are not looking for casual, occasionally play RR2 players. After an before WAR seasons you can do whatever/be inactive we don’t really care. Just be there when WAR time comes. We were ranked as low as 889 but currently are sitting around 1,050 mark after an embarassing war lost due to 4 members not participating at all. Also Minimum donation is 50k gold. Donation is not required daily but must donate at least 1-2 times a week. We are looking only for Warriors lvl 65+. If you have a passion for smashing all other alliances in WAR Season then come join us, we want YOU! My King name is MajorBig80. Also if an emergency comes up in real life an you get kicked for inactivity in WAR Season, just message me or the Leader an let us know. See you on the battlefield!

Alliance lvl is 18

5 spots open now.

3 Spots left

2 spots left